7 Best Portable Cat Litter Boxes For Travel – Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Most cat pet owners get embarrassed because they could not handle their pet's mess properly.

Every one of us who own pets has experienced those dirty things which our cat pets do in cars during travel or at home. Although those nasty things are natural to them, it is ideal that you know the best ways to control the odor and how your cat can stay clean while doing these things.

The best option to get a portable Cat Litter box and you're ready to go!

We have taken time to review the best portable Cat Litter Boxes in the market that are convenient and odor-resistant. The items listed in this article are ideal for travel.
Try to purchase this product, and travelling with your cats to anywhere will be enjoyable!

Editor’s Picks

Name Of Product




1st choice

Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box

•Created for plane flights, road trips, and Designed for style, comfort, and convenience!
•Seamless waterproof liner, Claw-resistant
•Fabric is easy to clean

2nd best

IRIS Travel Cat Litter Pan

•Excellent Product for traveling with your cat.
•The light-weight canvas that allows for secure storage
•zipper top stores litter in the pan.


Kitty Kan Traveller Quality Enclosed Disposable Litter Box

•Super-packaged with a litter box and a cat bed in one
•Designed with an odor killer.
•The toilet is removable.


Petsfit Fabric Portable/Foldable Cat Litter Box

•Perfect for traveling with your cat
•Collapsible and compact.
•Free 1 cat litter scoop if you purchase the item
•Suitable for a comfortable bed for your cat
•Allows for secure storage and carry.


Pet-Fit-Life-Collapsible-Portable Cat Litter Box

•Cat Cage is Extra Large with a collapsible/portable litter box. Excellent Quality:
•Comfortable and Spacious:
•Flexible and Convenient: 


Petlike Cat Travel Litter Box for Kittens

•Durable and sturdy
•Versatile and adaptable
•Foldable, easy to store and carry with you
•Suitable for small-sized pets


PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box

•It is ideal for traveling with your cat.
•Can be installed anywhere
•Resistant to odor.
•Cat's privacy is ensured.

7 Best Portable Cat Litter Boxes for travel Review in 2020

try these products now! When traveling, you and your cat will be happy! check out our top 7 reviews here:

1. Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box

Necoichi Pop-up Portable Cat Litter Box

In Japanese, Necoichi means "cat first" which is just how we feel about cats and their needs. We aim to create a beautiful, functional product that your cat will enjoy.

Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box is the best and most comfortable cat litter box for emergencies or when travelling to places with your cat. Its portability makes the cat litter box to be capable of folding down and snapping shut for convenience. The waterproof liner is durable and seamless, which ensures that no leaks will occur along the way. This cat litter box is made for use for both homes and on the road. The litter box matches perfectly with the Necoichi Portable cat cage carrier bag. Try this product, and you will never have to think twice about travelling with your cat friend.


  • Created for plane flights, road trips, and also as an extra bathroom use. Designed for style, comfort and convenience!
  • Seamless waterproof liner, Claw-resistant
  • Fabric is easy to clean
  • Quickly Snaps closed and folds fast for convenient packing.
  • Litter Box is adaptable and portable for use at home and on the road.

What We Like:

• Makes travel with your cat very convenient
• Cats are not scared of it.
• Litter Box is perfect for emergencies
• Box is easy to set up
• Litter is easy to dispose
• Beautifully made.
• Easy to set up
• Easily disposable

What We Don’t Like:

• Size is smaller than expected
• Better to use with liners because litters stick on the material
• Does not match portable cage. Good for kittens
• Wireframe is not rigid. Walls tend to collapse
• Litter box can be only used on the spot then you can empty it.


• Recommended using with liner because litter box gets pretty dirty
• Place a bag with Litter inside the Box so that after your cat uses it, you can grab the bag with clean Litter for another use.
• Flip out the inside and clean thoroughly in case you don't want to use the Litter.


The litter box is an excellent material for use at home and road. It provides convenience and comfort for your cats. Try this product, and you are ready to go!

2. IRIS Travel Cat Litter Pan

IRIS Travel Cat Litter Pan

IRIS Travel Cat Litter Pan is an excellent pan that makes travelling with your cat enjoyable and very convenient. There are better products for cat travel, but this Cat Litter Pan beats them all!
Though you may not like the yellow colour, that's understandable. But everything else about this Box is adorable because of its softness and beautiful fabrics; your cats will like it very much.

This product can save a lot of valuable space in your car. It allows for secure storage. For faster packing of your kitten's needed travel stuff, this product is excellent! All your cat's mess can be easily cleaned. To avoid spreading of the stench, you can remove the cat's bathroom easily. This product is very fanciful and useful. You can quickly reduce its dimension with the zipper if you don't need a much-peeing spot for your cat inside the Cat Litter Pan.


  • It is an excellent product for travelling with your cat.
  • Has a light-weight canvas that allows for secure storage
  • While not in use with no mess, zipper top stores Litter in the pan.

What We Like:

• Very affordable: There are so many cat travel litter boxes, but you may not find a cheaper one as this product.
• Size is adjustable: Dimensions of the cat litter pan can be reduced easily and quick.
• product is easy to pack

What We Don’t Like:

• Durability is low, but it can serve for a more extended period.


There are numerous luxurious extra cat litters for your kitties, but if you are looking for what is better, convenient and cheap for your cat's travel, we are here for you. Buy the IRIS Travel Cat Litter Pan, Yellow for your cat, and you will the excellent results this product will provide for your cats. It is perfect for them and to keep you relaxed. Try this item and don't forget how practically useful it can be.

3. Kitty Kan Traveller Quality Enclosed Disposable Litter Box

Kitty Kan Traveler Quality Enclosed Disposable Litter Box with Scoops and a Bonus Cat Bed

Cat Litter Box with a Cat Bed is the best travel disposable litter box ever. It is sturdy and comes with disposable scoops and a simple bonus Cat Bed which your cat will comfortably use. If you are travelling with your feline friend and you don't want the hassle of cleaning the litter box or scoop. The Traveler by Kitty Kan makes life easy and convenient for your cat while you are on vacation. The litter box is easy to scoop, and each Box can last up to two weeks. The cat litter box has 100% natural liner which prevents leakage, and it is made so that your cat cannot kick out waste. The Box allows for air inflow and absorbs odor.

The Cat Litter Box is enclosed with scoops plus a Bonus Cat Bed.


  • Disposable litter box is enclosed. 1 Bonus Cat Bed that comes with soft open flute cardboard rolls that cats love to sleep on plus four disposable scoops.
  • Does not leak. It has easy access for scooping and each last for at least two weeks.
  • Ultra-sturdy, convenient and comfortable for your cat
  • Perfect for travelling with your cats.
  • Features are patented, which makes a lot of differences.
  • Made of 100% excess cardboard

What We Like:

• Super-packaged with the litter box and a cat bed in one
• Designed with odor killer. Has some disposable scoops which can help a lot
• Toilet is removable. Efficiently handled and very perfect for travelling with your cat

What We Don’t Like:

• Brittleness is little.


If you need a Cat Litter Box that your cat will like, try to purchase this item. There are so many litter box products in the market, but this product will provide a perfect solution for your cat's waste. It is cheap, convenient for use, and a great choice is you intend to buy an additional cat bed. Try the Kitty Kan Traveler Quality Enclosed Disposable Litter Box, and you will be happy that you purchased this item.

4. Petsfit Fabric Portable / Foldable Cat Litter Box/Pan for Travel Used Light Weight

Petsfit Fabric Portable/Foldable Cat Litter Box/Pan for Travel Used Light Weight

If you are looking for the most suitable and convenient Cat litter Box that is resistant to odor and very easy to wash, you are in the right place. Pestsfit Fabric/Portable Cat Litter Box/Pan is the best choice for the needs of your cat. The litter box has a collapsible light-weight canvas that allows for secure storage, and you can carry it very quickly. The item has a flat pack, so it doesn't require construction.


  • Perfect for travelling with your cat and walking
  • Convenient for your cat's use. Collapsible and compact. It comes with a snap-in packing button.
  • Free 1 cat litter scoop if you purchase the item
  • Suitable for a comfortable bed for your cat
  • Allows for secure storage and carry.
  • Comes with collapsible light-weight canvas
  • Construction is not required. Comes with a flat pack
  • Portable and foldable. Comes with light-weight durable canvas fabric
  • The manufacturer provides a zipper-cover circular travel litter box

What We Like:

•The litter box is easy to use
•Can be used during your trips or walks
•Adorable fabrics which are excellent for your kitty

What We Don’t Like:

• Unless you have some liquids or other things to reduce odor, you can't beat the smell.


Petsfit Fabric Portable/Foldable Cat Litter Box/Pan for Travel Used Light Weight is one of the best litter boxes that provides convenience and comfort for your cat. It is perfect for travel and its an item your cat will adore very much. It is durable and mobile. The product does not have issues while you are cleaning it, and it is easy to wash. If you need a great litter box for your cat, the manufacturer of this item has provided all the needs for your cat's convenience. Purchase this product, and you will like it very much.

5. Petlike Cat Travel Litter Box for Kittens

PetLike Cat Travel Litter Box

The portable PetLike Cat Travel Litter Box is specially made to provide everything your cat needs to be happy and calm. Your pet is a friend and companion with the same needs and wants that humans have. Hence, just like you would like to have something pleasant, easy to use and convenient, our priority is to make life easier and simple for your cat.

Additionally, the product comes with a unique portable tray which you can take with you while travelling or at home. The litter box is sturdy and very versatile. It offers a pleasant resting place for your kitten. Plan soft padded mat inside, and it can rest comfortably there.

The better part of this litter box is that: it is so easy to set up; and for convenience, it folds flat and snaps closed without effort. Material is super-quality, and the litter tray is perfect for kitties, puppies, adult cats and other small pets. The interior is protected with a waterproof liner and made with PEVA, while the exterior is made of durable nylon fabric. You don't have to worry over leakage. It is very safe for your pet friend.

We know that taking care of pet always pose a challenge to pet owners, especially when they are still young. This is why we designed this portable pet litter box to help to ease your problem. Try this product; it's the best choice for your cat's happiness!


  • The litter box is durable and sturdy
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Fold able, easy to store and carry with you
  • Suitable for small-sized pets
  • Easy to clean with waterproof interior liner
  • The box is available in 4 colors.

What We Like:

•Fabric is made from superior quality materials
•Foldable and easily removable. It perfectly fits anywhere.
•Item is cheap and affordable

What We Don’t Like:

• Made for small cats only


The litter box is the most practical item you can purchase for your cat. It is collapsible and comes with a Toilet Tray Carrier for a small cat. With this product, your cat's comfort and convenience is sure!

6. PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box, Covered Design and Collapsible.

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box

The PetSafe Disposable Litter Box is a compact, all-in-one, convenient litter box which is perfect when travelling with your cat. For quick disposal of your cat's mess, the Box easily folds back and pops up into a complete litter box with a privacy hood. To make up for extra convenience, producers of this item included eight disposable scoops. Just pour in the included scoops of the PetSafe litter box, and off you go! The interior of the box is made with a special coating to prevent leakage from the floors. The Box quickly folds back to original Size when you want to throw it out for easy disposal.

How It works

• To expand the sides, pull on the finger holes on top of the Box. Remove the litter bag and the scoops.
• Ensure that both tabs are wholly attached to the slots on the tray before pulling the front flap down.
• After making sure that the tab is entirely in the slot, pour the crystal litter bag in through the back of the litter box.
• To create a handle, you should fold the scoops along the perforated lines and scoop the litter box properly. After you have finished, fold the litter box back down.


  • Design is compact and collapsible. Perfect for travelling with your cat
  • Easy to clean up: Comes with eight disposable scoops which aid easy clean up of mess.
  • Matchless Odor Control: Includes a complete bag of premium PetSafe crystal litter for unbeatable odor control
  • Protects against Leakage: Litter Box is made with a unique wax coating material which prevents leakage.
  • Mess Reduction: The raised entrance and privacy hood reduce your cat's mess.

What We Like:

• Ideal for travelling with your cat. Can be installed in anywhere.
• Resistant to odor. The crystals are beneficial
• Cat's privacy is ensured. Box has a removable toilet and an entrance door for your cat.

What We Don’t Like:

• Can break easily. Not too sturdy. Don't allow your cat to sit on it!


PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box comes with a collapsible covered design. Item is handy for travelling with your cat during long rides and at home. The product is fully resistant to odor. Your cat's mess can be easily cleaned and packed!

7. Pet-Fit-Life-Collapsible-Portable Cat Litter Box

Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box

Product is excellent for taking care of more than one adult cat. Manufactures of Pet-Fit-Life-Collapsible-Portable Cat Litter Box made provision for much space. Product has high-quality fabrics and durable nylon materials with a flexible frame. Life Large (32" x19" 19") Litter Box is a collapsible and portable cat cage which will last. This item is very broader than other litter boxes and its super-convenient to travel with more than one adult cat.


  • Cat Cage is Extra Large with collapsible/portable litter box. Item can accommodate two adult cats comfortably. It is perfect for your cat's safety in emergencies. It has lots of room space which your cat will love to move around and be comfortable inside.
  • Excellent Quality: Nylon fabric is super durable. The steel frame is flexible, and the cat cage is designed to last.
  • Comfortable and Spacious: Exterior and interior part of the Box is large and safe for your cat.
  • Flexible and Convenient: Comes with two windows plus a zippered front door which provides much ventilation for your cat. Pet condo has excellent value and will improve the quality of life of your cat.

What We Like:

•The producer of the item guarantees high quality. They will always work with you until both you and your cat are happy.
•Extra-large condo: Room space is large enough for more than two adult cat.
•Fabric quality is outstanding. Your cat will like it very much

What We Don’t Like:

• Most customers have been complaining about the cat's cage firmness.


Pet-Fit-Life-Collapsible-Portable Cat Litter Box is ideal for travelling with your cat during long journeys. For your cat's privacy, this item is the best choice for you. Item has extra comfortable space for more than one cats. This product is affordable and has super-benefits for your cat needs to be fully satisfied.

Things You Have To Consider Before Buying a portable cat litter boxes for travel

Have You Traveled With Cat Before? 

Although cats love to wander around, they don't like to go too far from home. Sometimes, we want to travel and bring our cats along with us. Cats that are used to trips will have issues when they want to pee. They will do so by notifying you before they pee. You need not bother to buy an odor-resistant immediately. It is, therefore, necessary to buy this great item for those cats that have not traveled before.

Does Your Cat Have Stomach Problems

Most times, kittens and adults fight stomach problems. It is not a wise decision to travel with cats facing such unhealthy challenges. If the trip is essential, make sure that your litter box should be easy to clean and use. If your cat has diarrhea and stomach problems, MAKE sure that you bring this item with you.

Cat Litter Bo​x Should Not Be A Napping Place For Your Cat:

When you purchase this item, don't allow your cat to use the litter box as a napping place. This could become an ugly habit. You know it's improper to turn an area of excrement to a resting place. It's unhygienic. There are many beautiful hammocks in the market for your cats!

Final Thoughts:

Congrats! You have learned a lot of cat litter boxes by reading this article.

We reviewed these products based on the effectiveness of the different products. We aim to make you and cat's travel enjoyable and satisfy your needs. Those products that did not show excellent odor resistance was removed from our list. We consider Cat Litter Box size adjust ability and new future. We had also gathered information from customer reviews of the best fantastic cat litter boxes.

You are the final judge. But we assure you that the Cat Litter Box listed here are great for the price.

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