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Best Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food Refrigerated Reviews 2022

The best automatic cat feeder wet food refrigerated is of great help in households with pets.It is essential for people with busy schedules and who have no time to refill the bowls. As you all know, pet food should not be left open for fear of bacterial contamination. Also, pets can overheat when they come across the menu.

So, how does an automatic feeder work? The best automatic feeder wet food cats release food in intervals. They release a specific amount of food; therefore, it prevents your pet from overeating. The quality of a feeder depends on the cash you want to spend. Some costly pet feeders send alerts when your pet feeds on their food. Here are some top picks as well as some things that will assist you in choosing the best feeder.

Best Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food Comparison Table

Image Product Weight Price
backpac PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals 1.75 pounds Check Price
backpac Cat mate c20 two bowl pet feeder with an ice pack 1.04 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Ancaixin Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser 2.4 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Cat mate c50 automatic pet feeder 2.2 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Petnet Smart Feeder (2nd generation) – Automatic Wi-Fi Pet Feeder 7.5 pounds Check Price

Top 5 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food Refrigerated Reviews 2022

We have reviewed some of the top automatic cat feeders for wet food. Check each in details so that you can get the one with the features that you want.

PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals

PAWISE automatic pet feeder for dogs, cats, and small animals is a fantastic pet feeder from the PAWISE brand.

With this two meal automatic feeder, you must worry less about your pet staying hungry or overfeeding. The lock is automatic. When you look at it, the lock slides open by moving to the left side.

You can then put the food in the dispenser. The timer prevents cats from overfeeding. The dispenser will release food according to the set time and releases enough food at a time. The batteries are easy to replace at any time. The ice bags prevent wet food from going bad.

As you all know, wet food does not last long, always put the ice bag in the refrigerator. This will boost the cooling effect. The product offers a five meal model for your animals. Pawise automatic pet feeder is best for small cats and dogs. It should be used on short feeding vacations.


  • Battery-powered automatic feeder; has a timer that can set two meals within 48 hours
  • Features an ice pack; it has an excellent, safe package that keeps food fresh at all times. The pack establishes good feeding routines.
  • Safe for dishwashing; the trays are safe for dishwashing hence makes washing easier.
  • Easy to handle; the feeder is easy to use. The timer is a countdown of time. All you do is dial the number of hours you want it to give out food.


  • It is a high-quality feeder which is free from plastic
  • Can accommodate one or two feedings in a day when it is set
  • Allows meals to be set 48 hours before the time
  • It is an affordable feeder despite its fantastic features
  • Easy to use the device with ice bags to keep food fresh all the time


  • Runs on batteries which are quite expensive to replace

Cat mate c20 two bowl pet feeder with an ice pack

This is an automatic cat feeder for wet food that can serve one or two cats in your home.

Cat food is always fresh all the time. You can store food in two separate compartments. The compartments have ice packs to keep the food fresh all times.

The analog timer opens at the designated time. A single tray holds about 450 grams of wet food. To feed multiple pets, you need to acquire two feeders due to varied dietary preferences. The cat mate c20 is the best tool to feed various cats with both dry and wet food.

The system works best during the day. Also, it contains an automatic flip lid. This unit is available in most shops. Besides, it is easy to assemble and use. No sound is produced when feeding your cat.


  • Two food compartments; you can easily feed one or two cats at a time without them competing for the food
  • Features icepacks; with the help of icepacks, the system keeps the food fresh for more extended periods
  • Runs on batteries; A/LR6 cells are the best for this device. However, the package doesn’t include cells. You just have to buy them separately.
  • Easy to operate; this device does not require any mechanical knowledge to use. After setting it up, everything else runs smoothly.


  • It can dispense food for up to 8 hours or two days
  • Has high quality and premium make
  • Two cats can feed at the same time due to the available two food compartments
  • Food supply is fresh because of the ice packs
  • Simple design hence easy to operate and maintain


  • Batteries may fall out quickly since the battery compartment has no protective feature
  • The analogue timer may have issues such as incorrect timing and sometimes lead to delayed meals
  • Lacks an indicator to show the battery percentage
  • Naughty cats can easily pull off the trays.

Ancaixin Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser

This product weighs about 2.51 pounds. This makes the feeder portable, especially when it is free from meals.

The feeder comes with one feeder, one self-cleaning slicker brush, and one waterer. The feeder and the waterer use the natural gravity mode to work.

Ancaixin pet feeder does not require electricity to perform. It features a BPA free ABS plastic, which is good for the health of your pet. To refill the feeder, open the top lid and fill it with dry food.You can use a container to fill the waterer directly and attach it to the base of the container. The cat feeder has an innovative connector to prevent water leakages until you attach the bottle to the bottom of the product.

However, this product is not safe for dish-washing. Use warm soapy water to clean the feeder. The side cut-out handles make lifting of the pet feeder easier. A non-skid rubber feet keeps the feeder and water dispenser in place. Furthermore, this increases the grip of the feeder; thus, it cannot fall.


  • Material; features a BPA free ABS plastic which is environment friendly and good for your pet’s health
  • Natural supply; no electricity or batteries are needed. It uses the natural gravity system to work hence saves money.
  • Great design; the existence of slide cut out handles makes it easy to lift the tool and wash. Nonskid rubber feet keep the feeder in place.
  • Accessories; contains a feeder, a waterer and one self-cleaning slicker brush.


  • Features an environmentally friendly plastic that is safe for the health of your pet
  • It does not require any source of power such as electricity and batteries
  • It is the right choice for both cats and dogs
  • The large feeder holds a large amount of food
  • Easy to lift due to the slide cut out handles


  • It cannot be washed in a dishwasher, cleaned by use of hands only
  • It lacks a timer; therefore, you cannot schedule meals for your pets
  • Pets can steal a meal

Cat mate c50 automatic pet feeder

Cat mate c50 automatic pet feeder serves meals where a removable lid covers one meal.

You can serve the meal at that time. The other four meals are served as scheduled. The dispensing feature, with the help of a rotating lid, releases one meal at a time as expected to the four compartments.

This enables you to feed your cat with different meals. It works with the help of an analog timer. The mealtime program lasts for 90 hours only. Ice packs below the trays keep wet foods fresh. However, the ice packs can quickly melt when the weather is hot.

The system runs on 1AA batteries. Unfortunately, you have to buy the batteries separately. Cats cannot move the device as it weighs 4 pounds. Furthermore, you can wash the feeder’s tray in the dishwasher.


  • Five meal compartment; the feeder can serve five meals in a single day
  • Weight; it weighs about 4 pounds
  • Powered by batteries; it runs on 1AA batteries which are replaceable
  • Features a battery life indicator; you can identify the remaining percentage of your battery.
  • It contains ice packs; the existence of ice packs keeps food in good condition for a long time.


  • Can release five meals in a day, each at the set time
  • You can arrange the timer at intervals of 4 hours
  • Battery life indicator allows you to know the remaining power
  • Ideal for both dry and wet food feeding
  • Features ice packs to keep food fresh for more extended periods


  • Smart cats can break into it and sneak a snack at any time
  • Yin less than four hours
  • Batteries can easily fall out as they lack protection at the back.

Petnet Smart Feeder (2nd generation) – Automatic Wi-Fi Pet Feeder

Petnet smart feeder is an automatic feeder with Wi-Fi connectivity. Petnet features an automatic dispenser, an android, and I phone app.

When you put 7 pounds of dry food in the reservoir, it can dispense a 1/6 cup per feeding.

This product is recommended for small dogs and cut since it has smaller bowls and high dispensing limitations. Installation is easy. The user’s guide gives step by step guide of how to install the machine. It comes with a power adapter. This product can run on a battery. The battery lasts for about 7 hours if fully charged. The feeder is 15.32 inches tall.

The lid has childproof locking tabs. You just slide the tabs to open. Your pet can never open the tabs to sneak any meal. The timer works well with the machine to provide meals at set intervals. Works well with Amazon Alexa hence easy to control.


  • Smartphone controlled; you can manage your pet feeding times on the phone anywhere. You can use iOS or Android phone.
  • Meal portions are personalized; the petnet app allows you to give information about your pet, such as the breed and age. After then it recommends you for customized meal portions for your pet
  • Sends alerts; you receive alerts anytime your pet feeds.
  • Easy to clean; the device can be washed either by dishwasher method or hand wash.


  • It is a high-quality feeder which is free from plastic
  • Can accommodate one or two feedings in a day when it is set
  • Allows meals to be set 48 hours before the time
  • It is an affordable feeder despite its fantastic features
  • Easy to use the device with ice bags to keep food fresh all the time
  • You get notifications when your pet feeds or if any issues occur
  • It notifies you when it’s time to clean the feeder
  • Your pet’s health is guaranteed through the petnet app
  • A timer helps the machine to provide meals at intervals


  • The app can only support one pet at a time
  • The feeder is difficult to clean it fully

Things to Consider Before Buying a Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food Refrigerated

Before you buy an automatic cat feed wet food, here are some tips that will guide you. Go through them so that you can determine the things that you want your feeder to have.

Quantity of meals

If you look at any wet food cat feeder, you can notice the number of meals it offers. The best automatic cat feeder for wet food provides more food. Much as wet food is essential for kittens and fully grown cats, eating different meals a day contributes to their growth and development.

It also helps them in the day to day operation of their digestive system. To enhance the good health of your cat, provide dry foods in between the wet meals. Your cat’s food dispenser should have at least three food compartments to hold the meals separately.

Duration of the battery

Most cat feeders use batteries rather than electricity to keep wet food. Due to their small size, a power cord is inconvenient, unlike the batteries. However, the machines have some disadvantages. The batteries do not last long.

Furthermore, some types are costly. The best automatic wet food feeders should use both batteries and electricity. When the power goes off, the feeder should automatically switch to battery use. Also, choose the correct type of batteries. Long-lasting batteries are the best as they save on money and offer more power.

Noise production

Noise is an enemy to most living things. A noisy cat feeder is a poor choice for any cat feeding station as cats are sensitive animals. They will not feed on a machine that produces strange sounds. Noise scares them so it has to produce any sound. The feeder should record the owner’s sound. If not, the device should run silently.

Size of the bowl

A cup of wet food is enough to feed a cat. The best automatic cat feeder wet food dispenser should offer enough amounts of food. Some machines provide more than a cup, which can cause stomach upsets to your cat. However, a large bowl is essential for feeding multiple numbers of cats .some feeders have a large bowl to provide many meals a day. Disciplined cats can use this method. Always keep your cats away from the food bowl unless they are feeding.


The best wet food cat feeder must offer full control over feeding times. It must have an accurate timer to enable you to set up meals for your cats. Besides, it dispenser should provide the meals in good time without skipping any meals. If the feeder is faulty, your cats will miss so many meals. Eventually, they will lose the feeding habits you taught them.


Any automatic cat food dispenser must be reliable. Some naughty cats can break into the dispenser to steal a meal. A decent wet food dispenser is never complete without the reliability feature. Besides, wet food goes rancid quickly. Unreliable cat feeders do not keep food for a long time and can cause food poisoning to your cats.

Before you make any purchase, look at the locking system and overall design of the machine. Food compartments must be airtight. This prevents food aroma from getting out. Food aroma makes some cats sneak into the feeder and steal.

frequently ask question (FAQs)

How to give a wet cat food while you are away?

First of all, you should never rely on wet food if you are on a trip for many days. Wet food goes bad so quickly. They last for less than 36 hours. Having a reliable wet feeder is excellent.It divides your cat’s meal into the right portions. You can set a timer to avoid overfeeding a cat. The best automatic cat feeder wet food refrigerated is ideal in such times. Your cat’s meals are refrigerated and will, therefore, last long.

When should I clean my cat’s automatic wet food dispenser?

An automatic cat wet food feeder requires regular cleaning. Although your cat eats up all her meals, some bits are left on the feeding tray. When you do not clean the plate for a long time, it starts to emit some odors. The odors are, at times, unnoticeable. When left for a long time, the food undergoes the oxidation process.

Here your cat suffers from food poisoning anytime it feeds from the tray. Therefore, clean the feeder every day. This boosts the health of your cat.It also prevents stains from forming on the tray. You can clean the feeder in a dishwasher and wipe dry using a clean piece of cloth.

Which is the best wet food feeder in the market?​

Choosing the best wet food cat feeder among the many brands is difficult .you must identify some things such as the number of animals you need to feed, the size of the feeder, and the money you are willing to spend. You can then look for a feeder with all the features you need. Everyone has their preferences. I cannot choose a feeder for you. It’s up to you to identify what you want.

Final Verdict

Best Automatic cat feeders for wet food play an important role in pet owners’ lives. They help in monitoring and training pets o different feeding schedules. An automatic feeder feeds your cat at any time. When you are away, you do not have to worry about how your pet will feed. In my opinion, the best cat feeder for wet food should be reliable.

Feeders with a timer are essential for professionals with a tight schedule. If you have multiple pets, multiple pet feeders are a great choice. The best feeder is one that satisfies all your needs. I wish all pet owners would try out these fantastic devices.

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