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How Does an Automatic Cat Feeder Work ?

A pet is a stress reliever; this is true for anyone who owns a pet. Today we have many pressures from our daily lives, and possibly, you may not be anywhere to feed your cat. A casual look at the online stores shows many gadgets that target you as a pet owner in a bid to make your life easier. The idea could also be helping you enjoy more time with your pets.

Feeders’ are supposed to feed the pets on your behalf gives you the freedom not to tie yourself to feeding the cat when you are not at home. Therefore, anyone who is unable to fill the feeder bowl at least two times a day can purchase the product. Most cat feeders have a dish that is bigger than a regular feeding bowl. Before investing in one, it is better to know how the automatic cat feeders work.

Some pet feeders work on the premise of gravity and those that use electric power. If your budget can allow for an automatic pet water dispenser, then you can have it.

What are the Components of a Cat Feeder?

An automatic pet feeder has two essential components, the food storage compartment that can be made of glass, either metal or plastic. This storage section has a removable lid that can open for filing in food and cleaning the container. Individual feeders have specific capacities to hold. Their sizes vary from one to twenty pounds.

The lower section of the food bowl has a plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel with a convenient size and shape. Therefore you cat can easily access food from it.

Gravity Style Pet Feeder

The cat feeder depends on the force of gravity allow food to settle on the feeding of the bowl. More food drops as the cat feed until it is full. You cannot regulate the quantity of food coming from the gravity fall, but at least your cat will not stay hungry.

Cat owners prefer these types of feeders if their pet does not eat so much to get full. If there are no control mechanisms, the cat may overfeed.

Gravity style feeders’ contain large containers to hold food for several days. This is not the right call if the cat cannot control its feeding habits. The most obvious solution would be to fill it adequately so that the cat does not have to force-feed itself.

Gravity feeder is handy for a person with more than one cat, the gravity feeder comes in handy. A pet owner looking for an affordable feeder for more than one cat, then gravity seems to be your choice. Remember that obesity also affects animal health in different conditions, such as reduced lifespan. Therefore, you have to think deeply when considering the gravity cat feeder.

Electronic Feeders

Automatic cat feeders prove to be convenient because it controls the feeding habits of your pet. On the other hand, the automated feeder ensures the daily food supply is available to your cat even when you go away from home for a considerable time. Owning a pet with weight issues means you should invest in an electronic cat feeder as an effective measure to control food intake.

You can program a feeder to portion the food according to rations and time of feeding. The food will only be available at the set time and will match the earlier set food quantity. This idea helps in the prevention and control overeating by pets something the gravity feeder cannot guarantee. With an electric feeder, there is an assurance that the cat will eat at the scheduled time.

The cost of the electronic feeders is higher than the gravity cat feeders due to the additional controls the system has. Most electric feeders also use a battery and can store messages for the dog or even a built-in- water bottle.

Can You Use a Cat Feeder to Feed the Dog?

Pet feeders are available in different varieties, and they can work for both cats and dogs. Proper research in the online market will give you the best feeder for either the cat or dog. Regardless of the type of feeder you are after make sure it fits the needs of your cat. Keep checking the feeder occasionally to conform its working conditions.

Feeders While Travelling

You do not have to discard the automatic cat feeder because you are traveling with your cat. Outdoor activities such as camping, you can use the feeder to provide for your pet with the convenience of giving its food on the feeder. What you have to do is to make sure that the cat gets its food on time.

Important Things to Consider

  • Before making the final decision, consider the ease of disassembling and cleaning the pet bowl or storage container. The feeder must have the right size depending on the number of cats you own. 
  • Choose a size that fits in the designated space at home. If you have two or more competing cats, it is better to have two separate feeders for each of them. Some cats may be in the habit tipping the feeder’s container, if that is the case then buy a model with its hopper screwed tightly on the dish.
  • Consider the age and feeding position of the dog. Some feeders can be suitable for cats that eat in an elevated position.
  • Also, look into the number of days, you will away from home so you can plan to get a cat feeder with the right capacity. Look at things like depth of the bowl and the largest capacity to sustain your cat when you are not home.

Other Options to Consider

When making the final decision for the automatic cat feeder, consider the following:

  • Most feeders work with dry foods unless told to do so do not use wet food, or it may end up breaking the device.
  • Look for a fully programmable cat feeder because those with preset functions may dispense the wrong amount of food to your cat and at the wrong time
  • Make sure the feeder dispenses the right size of particles suitable for your cat
  • Get a durable and well-constructed feeder, so curiosity does not get the better of your cat.


The cat feeder may have come in as a new idea, but the logic behind it is encouraging. When you use it correctly, your cat’s health will be excellent. Its weight will be within considerable levels, and they will be less anxious when it comes to feeding time. When a cat can feed on its own, there is no need to be stressed anymore.

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