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6 Benefits of Robotic Pets For Seniors

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Most of the people from a child to an old man love to own a pet, or at least show a significant amount of soft corner to pets. For senior citizens or older people, pets have always been lauded as too way beneficial. Scientific researchers have shown how pets help in lowering blood pressure, anxiety, cholesterol levels, and loneliness of the aged people.

But obstacles are there for an old, and the biggest among those is taking care of the pet! You can address a high-tech robotic pet to solve this problem! Sounds interesting? 

Maybe you are listening for the first time, but robotics has already stepped successfully in the pet industry!

Despite having some drawbacks, i.e., a robot may fail to maintain continuous attention that a real pet can do, robotic pets have many proven benefits. And, these are gradually increasing over the advancements in robotic pet technology. In this article, we will focus on the most significant benefits of robotic pets for seniors.

#1.Require No Take Care

As said above, the biggest benefit of robotic pets among all is they require no take care. A real-life pet requires constant support and care. You have to give them food regularly. They want playful and interactive companions who can offer them what they need. For instance, a dog requires regular walking to be fit.

Is it possible for aged people to maintain all of these when they need proper care for themselves?

Robot pets, either dog or cat, do require none of those. It is not necessary to refill the food or water bowls for them. Robot pets, either dog or cat, do require none of those. It is not necessary to refill the food or water bowls for them. Neither do they need to be fed nor be groomed often! They do not require a rug to sleep or any other special care! 

They only need to be properly powered and cleaned. As they require no taking care of, so there is almost no responsibility for an old to comply with, which is the utmost benefit to have a robot pet.

#2.No Pet Odor

Living pets get dirty in many ways, especially through their bodily functions and habits, for instance, they can bring dirt from outside. They used to pee and shit. All of these create an odor or bad smell. It is required to take some extra measures to remove such bad odor. But, robotic pets do not emit or create any such odor as neither do they bring dirt from outside nor they pee or poop.

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#3.Not Harmful

Lively pets, if not well trained, may be harmful in some ways. They may damage furniture, mattress, or other property by chewing or any other means. Sometimes, they may bite living people around them or even those who give them food and water. Pets can make excessive noises or any unwanted harmful behavior, for instance, intolerable loud barking by dogs. All of these are dangerous and harmful. But never can the robotic pets do such things, which is pretty much necessary for the elderly.

#4.No Allergy or Disease

Senior people have less immunity, and they are prone to get affected by disease quickly. Being sensitive, they should not be allowed to come across the allergens and harmful bacteria. As lively pets may contain those, the seniors should be provided with the company of robotic pets. Robots do not contain any allergen or bacteria/viruses in their bodies like other living organisms.

#5.Less Expense

Robot pet prices may vary depending on its nature, feature, and used-technology. It may sometimes cost more than a living pet. But in the long run, they will cost less than real living pets. A buyer will need to spend money on the initial purchase of the robot and for occasional repair or maintenance such as battery replacement, electricity for recharge it. But for living pets, the case is different, where you have to do so many things later, for example, feeding, medication, comfort, play, health problems etcetera. They may even face anxiety disorder where they need to be kept under special care. Robots require no such things. As regards this, buying a robotic pet for seniors is less expensive.

#6.Continuous and Convenient

Robots do not get tired like living pets. Neither do they feel sad nor expect affection. For older people, this means a lot as it reduces their responsibility which they might need to perform for living pets. They require no such place as real pets need a particular resting spot. You do not need to use a collar or harness to get them controlled. Overall, robotic pets are convenient for old-aged people.

Final Words

Indeed, you can never replace a living pet by a robot toy pet. But you can still find joy and pleasure which is necessary for the elderly suffering from loneliness or any other disease like dementia. A robot pet has numerous drawbacks, but the benefits supersede those. It is believed, they will become more lively like a real-life pet over the advancement of robotic pet technologies.

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