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Yaheetech Dog Crate 43 Inch Review

Every dog owner or aspiring dog owner needs a safe space for their dogs or their puppies. Not only for the protection of the dog but also the maintenance dog owner’s home environment

Many owners build dog kennels, and others choose to buy them. Among the available dog kennels in the market is the Yaheetech dog crate 43 inches, a good investment for any dog owner.

This cage crate is built to handle 60 to 110-pounds dogs, and you can use it for puppies until they are fully grown. Let’s check the complete review of this dog crate to under its outstanding features better.

Heavy Duty

The Yaheetech is a strongly built metal cage used to house mainly the big dog breed. You can also use it while they are still puppies. It is made of strong heavy, and rust-free metal, which is safe for dogs.

The crate bars are strong enough to keep the dog safe and prevent it from bending or breaking the crate in case of agitation.

The 43 inch is an ideal size for the largest dogs, though there is an available 48-inch Yaheetech dog crate for even bigger dogs.

Foldable / Collapsible

This crate is very easy to put together and needs no tools to assemble. The Yaheetech comes already folded, and you need to put together the sidebars and the top kennel door of the cage.

Collapsing it is as easy as detaching the latch and the hooks and pushing it flat. For easy storage, transportation, or portability, the cage can be collapsed into its initial flat state and put away and reassembled when needed.

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Double Door and Opening cage roof

This feature allows for easy handling of any domestic situation without letting the pet out. You can use the door if the animal has to be fed or is not feeling well. There is no strain in accessing it.

Also, cleaning the cage is easy to reach from both the top and side doors. Laying the dog’s bed or rest place is also easy to do, unlike in situations where one needs to overextend themselves to get that done.

Compact and Sturdy

The hooks and latches used to fix this crate are built to effectively and efficiently hold together the cage compactly. Light-weight crates cannot keep dogs in if they want to escape.

Most dogs kick or chew on the plastic or light metal cages when they want to come out. This crate is built strong and steady enough to avoid damage and does not rattle in such a situation. Regardless of the dog’s weight, the sturdy feature makes it easy to groom on-top of the cage.

Removable tray and tray doors

The Yaheetech 43-inch crate comes with a build in tray compartment and removable trays at the cage’s bottom. When the dog urinates or vomits, it does not leak or spillover. Replacement trays are easy to remove, clean, and put back. However, they are prone to wear and tear. In case the original tray gets damaged, you can get a replacement with the cage specifications.

Detachable swivel wheels

The swivel wheels come with the cage but fixing them is optional. Most dog owners purchase crates and place them in a stationary position.

The swivel wheels come with the cage but fixing them is optional. Most dog owners purchase crates and place them in a stationary position.

These wheels may come in handy during relocation or if the pet is not feeling well and need to visit the vet but is very heavy to carry

Yaheetech Dog Crate 43 Inch Review


  • Easy to store away, transport, or move around as it is easy to fold up and reassemble. 
  • Its swivel wheels are detachable and can be reattached when needed and the locking-out feature.
  • The double door and opening hatch to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of the dog crate.
  • Available in the market are different sizes of the Yaheetech dog cage other than the 43 inch.
  • In the event of damage, there are spare parts available in the market.


  • It cannot accommodate two or more dog pets.
  • The weight of the dog rate, coupled with that of the dog, will damage the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the cage escape-proof? I have a runaway dog, and it has broken out of every cage I have purchased for it

A: The heavy Yaheetech dog cage is built with strong enough metal to keep any dog breed safe in its kennel.

Q: Can this cage handle big and stronger dogs of up to 100 lbs in weight?

A: Yes, it does hold up to 110 lbs.

Q: Can the crate accommodate more than one large dog, or will I need two cages for my two dogs?

A: It is advisable to get two cages for the two dogs as a crate is built to accommodate one dog comfortably.

Q: Does the cage come with any warranty in case of any damages or replacements required?

A: There are no warranties issued with the product, but you can get replacements in the event of any damages during delivery.

Final Words

The Yaheetech dog crate is the right choice for all dog owners. It is durable and will save you money for kennel replacement over the years. You can use it for rearing dogs from the puppy stage to the full-grown dog stages. Its ample spacing allows your pet to sit and lay down comfortably. This creates a good living and even training atmosphere for the dogs.

Many dog trainers use these dog crates widely, and it gives value for money because of its durability, among other useful features. All its features make this crate a good choice for big dogs and small dogs, as it is easy to manage, maintain, clean, transport, and store away.

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