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Why Does My Dog Eat My Tampons?

Dogs will eat anything that smells like food, but Why does my dog eat my tampons? Why not just eat everything on the floor?

The answer is that your dog actually “smells” things in a way you don’t. Your dog can also smell even traces of blood. Tampons are used as wound dressings to help heal cuts or stop bleeding, so their scent is very similar to the kind of scent your pup would get off a wounded animal. 

It makes them especially tasty for dogs with a strong sense of smell and a drive to find injured prey. Today, I would like to discuss the reason why they eat tampons.

Why Does My Dog Eat My Tampons?

Why Does My Dog Eat My Tampons

A dog’s sense of smell is just as important to them as their sense of hearing, and they are very attuned to the scents of blood they pick up on in certain things.

Your dog knows something inside these things they usually wouldn’t like to eat, but the scent on them is so interesting that it makes them taste even better.

In a world where much more invasive procedures have been performed on women, tampons have a very faint trace of blood.

Since dogs can track the scent of blood, they know that these products are used for healing and helping wounds and other injuries.

Your dog can taste blood, and when they sense blood on tampons, suddenly, they smell even better.

Why not just eat everything on the floor?

Why not just eat everything on the floor

Just like you and me, dogs have to eat. They’ll find food anywhere they can at any time, but they are very particular about what they eat.

Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell and can do a great job of discriminating between what is good to eat and what isn’t. After all, why would you want to eat something that tastes bad? 

Tampons are generally considered not edible, so your dog knows that this product has something terrible about it. Beyond that, dogs will only want to eat something if it tastes significant.

It means your dog will tend only to eat things they like, especially if they are on the verge of starvation. If they can smell something with less-than-ideal ingredients or a sour aftertaste, your dog will know to keep away.

Troubling Symptoms Resulting From Tampon-Eating

Dogs can experience intestinal blockage, which is a medical emergency. Dogs can also experience vomiting, colic, and diarrhea due to the flow of the tampon.

Causes of Tampon-Eating

Many factors can lead a dog to eat something such as a tampon, especially if it was ingested accidentally.

Dogs can eat many things they find in their environment or are given access to, such as food items and waste bags, anything out of place, like clothing that may be dirty or left where a dog could get at it. These are all common reasons why dogs find and choose to eat a tampon.

Dangers of Leaving a Tampon in a Dog

Suppose the tampon is not removed quickly. It could lead to a severe infection. If a dog eats a tampon and its string is left hanging from its anus, it can lead to injury. This can include rectal tearing that requires surgery or possibly severe other damage. 

The longer the tampon sits in your dog’s stomach, the easier it is for them to develop an intestinal blockage or peritonitis. Vomiting, stomach pain, Diarrhea, Blood in stool, and more will be noticeable.

Abdominal cramping or pain when breathing or swallowing. Although these symptoms are rare, if they happen to your dog, you should immediately take him to the veterinarian.

They could be an indication of internal bleeding. Do not ignore these signs and assume that they’re just something your dog ate that makes him sick; your dog’s health is too important. 

Why Do Dogs Eat Tampons and Similar Sanitary Products?

Why Do Dogs Eat Tampons and Similar Sanitary Products?

Dogs can and will eat anything, including items not meant for their digestive system. Dogs often find these objects in the trash or are given access to them. While these items may be sharp and small, they’re not harmful.

Tampons can cause an upset stomach, just like any other item. It’s not meant to be consumed by dogs.

Many dangers come with leaving a tampon out where a dog could get at it or even missed. That includes your dog’s stomach area and intestines that should be left alone, especially if they’re ingested.

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Tips For Your Dogs Won’t Be Tempted To Eat Tampons.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your dog won’t be tempted to eat tampons:

  • Keep tampons and other products that have blood in them out of their reach. 
  • If you don’t want them to eat them, don’t let them get close enough for their nose to smell. 
  • Keep all products with blood away from your dog as much as possible.
  • Please clean up after he eats any of these things as soon as possible. 
  • Tampons left unattended are sure to end up in your dog’s mouth. 
  • Suppose you keep them in a secure place and ensure your dog doesn’t have access to them. You won’t have to worry about something terrible happening.
  • When you can’t keep these products out of your dog’s way at all times, you should certainly take extra precautions. 
  • You can use scents or covers to keep these products from smelling like food. 
  • You can also cover the tampons with vinegar or rubbing alcohol before putting them away.

Final Words

Why does my dog eat my tampons? Dogs eat everything they can find to get their nutrition. And they only need you to take action after they’ve eaten something to get rid of it.

Whenever a dog has ingested something, such as a tampon, it’s best to bring your pet in to see a veterinarian immediately. 

So they can be evaluated and the appropriate treatment is given. It’s essential to get them to the vet as soon as you know they’ve ingested something that can be potentially dangerous. 

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