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Why Does My Dog Not Like to Cuddle: 12 Possible Reasons

As some people are allergic, cats and dogs can be equally allergic to humans. As a result, they tend to avoid contact with us. But why does my dog not like to cuddle?

There might be several reasons why your dog doesn’t like cuddling. It could be that it’s shy and not keen on affection from strangers. 

Also, your dog may feel threatened. If a stranger was to hug you, your dog might feel threatened by the stranger and try to get away from him.

There’s also no response or an uncomfortable response to cuddling. Today I would like to discuss it in detail about it. So let’s go!

Why Does My Dog Not Like To Cuddle?

Reason behind my dog not like to cuddle

Here are some of the most common reasons I have gathered for you:

The Root of the Behavior

One of the first things you need to do is establish whether or not your dog responds favorably to human affection. It may be a case of human socialization if you’re in a new relationship or have just adopted a puppy.

New owners will need to learn how to socialize their dogs, and puppies need time and care to learn about their new home.

Encouraging the Behavior

Encouraging the Behavior

One of the more practical things you can do to encourage your dog to cuddle with you is to pet them from behind.

It will teach them that if they curl up and snuggle with you, then they get attention. You’ll need a collar for this.

You can also perform a similar trick with your hand or your face. But it will have to be completed in front of your dogs.

As long as they know what’s expected of them, they’ll be happier and more willing to comply when they are in front of you.


Always stroke from the head down, and avoid patting on the back or stomach. Sometimes, you may have to be more assertive with your dog.

Dogs can be stubborn and don’t always do what they’re told. If you want them to sit, try to get them to comply without being too nice.

Previous owners

If you’ve previously owned another dog, your dog may react to their scent. It can be particularly unpleasant if they’re a mix. It’s also possible that someone else’s dog might have been aggressive toward yours and scared it away from human contact.


When your dog doesn’t accept human affection, it could be because of some calming medication.

Illness or injury

Your dog doesn’t like to cuddle because of an illness or an injury. If you notice that dogs are reluctant to approach you, or if you see excessive licking, it might be a case of fleas.

Being Too Rough

If you’re too rough with them, it could cause them to panic and run away from the situation. You might find that the dog’s eyes will widen, and they’ll start shivering.


When you’ve got a new dog behaving strangely, it could be because they are afraid to accept human contact. Dogs bred for hunting will not want to be in contact with humans sometimes because of the risk of being caught. That’s why you must train them properly before taking them out into the world.

Even if your dog doesn’t like cuddling, you can still bond with him on more physical terms. He may enjoy playing fetch with you or walking around the neighborhood together.


It’s also possible that some dogs aren’t affectionate creatures, and you’ll have to accept that. Dogs are still animals, and they’re not designed to be as close to humans as cats are. 

Still, you can help your dog by spending time with it daily and showing it affection.

If you don’t do this, the dog may start behaving more like a cat and spending more time alone. The dogs will only show affection when they want something from you.

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Age matters

Another thing you should consider when trying to understand why your dog doesn’t like to cuddle is the pup’s age.

Dogs can be very social animals, but they prefer the company of other canines. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like human contact. It just means that they are more comfortable with their species. Some dogs will even prefer to live in the wild than to have a family.

Need exercise

Your dog may not want to be cuddled because they are hyperactive and want to play all the time. You can help your dog by providing it with some exercise each day.

If you don’t give your dog entertainment, it will get bored and decide to explore outside, or you will end up with a neurotic dog that won’t let you sleep in your presence because it’s so eager to have fun.


If your dog doesn’t like to cuddle because you are a depressed person, then you should seek professional help.

Dogs used in research or history experimentation may not want any human affection because they may be traumatized by their experiences. They might even be traumatized by the results of the experiment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you train a dog to like cuddling?

Yes, you can train any domesticated animal it is physically able to carry out and mentally capable of handling. The upside of your situation is that Ace already needs to cuddle.

Do dogs get more cuddly with age?

As canines grow old, they become more affectionate with their human sidekick. It is true for old canines with problems hearing, seeing, or smelling, as these are problems that do not have lifelong repercussions.

What breed of dog does not like to cuddle?

Some dogs are less affectionate. As research has identified that the Cairn terrier, Scottish Terrier, and Malamute mutt types are among them.

Final Words

When anyone searches for why does my dog not like to cuddle, this post will help them to find the answer. If your dog refuses to cuddle with you, this may be due to several reasons. You can scroll up to know the details.

If you’re the owner of a new puppy, it could be. Because your dog has never been around other dogs before and doesn’t know how to act around them yet.

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