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When Do Chihuahua Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Chihuahuas are a popular dog breed, but unfortunately, they generally have a long pregnancy period. If you’re interested in knowing when your pup will be born, keep track of their mother’s due date, as this will give you an idea of when they’ll be born.

When do Chihuahua puppies open their eyes?

Chihuahuas are generally born with closed eyes, though some may have half opened at birth. Once your pup’s about five weeks old, they’ll be opened entirely. You should not disturb them too much during this time as the light may hurt their eyes. Keep continuing to learn more about Chihuahua Puppies!

Why Are Chihuahua Puppies Born With Closed Eyes?

Why Are Chihuahua Puppies Born With Closed Eyes

Puppies are born with their eyes closed for several reasons. These reasons apply to all puppies, no matter what breed. First, puppies do not need to be able to see well to nurse their mothers. 

Also, the eyes of newborn puppies are more vulnerable than those of full-grown dogs. A puppy’s eyelids are still soft and will not protect the eye and adult lids. As a puppy develops in the womb, his eyelids, and the eyes underneath develop a fat layer. 

It makes it harder for the eyelids to open and stay open. After they’re born, they will be completely closed until they grow more muscle tone in their eye-opening muscles.

When Chihuahua Puppies Can Open Their Eyes?

When Chihuahua Puppies Can Open Their Eyes

The eyes of a puppy are generally not fully open until the pup is about two to four weeks old. If the eyes are not yet completely open, they will be susceptible to light and close-up. As soon as they open their eyes, it’s essential to avoid sudden movements as this may cause them pain or discomfort.

The eyes of a Chihuahua puppy are susceptible to bright light. So it’s best to avoid exposing them to direct sunlight for long periods. Or they may leave them in a room with direct sunlight for long periods.

When opening their eyes, the pup may need time in the dark and quiet. You can help them adjust to their environment by keeping the area quiet and dark.

If you want your puppy to open its eyes sooner, you can try the following techniques:

Keep the puppy warm at all times. If you have a stroller or car seat covers, put the pup on it – this helps put more air pressure on their body. Circulate some warm air over them as they sleep. You do this by using an electric fan or buying a dog pillow filled with warm water and putting it next to your pup. Also, take care when they’re sleeping, or walking around the house, and don’t bump them into anything.

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Can Chihuahua Puppies See After Opening Their Eyes? 

Can Chihuahua Puppies See After Opening Their Eyes 

Chihuahua puppies can leave their mother at eight weeks old. A puppy raised in a litter with its mother and siblings is more likely to be well-adjusted and friendly as an adult than one that has spent the first five weeks of life in a kennel. However, this means you must be prepared to train your new pet.

So, it is normal for a pup’s eyes to not fully open until it has grown muscles that will allow them to stay open. Different breeds have varying development rates during this time, and some pups may never fully open their eyes.

If this happens, no damage will be done to the pup or its vision. You should establish some form of eye contact as early as possible.

What Should I Do When My Chihuahua Puppy’s Start Opening Their Eyes?

What Should I Do When My Chihuahua Puppy’s Start Opening Their Eyes

Most Chihuahuas will open their eyes for the first time around two weeks after birth. At that stage, you can start to play with them. You can also try showing them treats or using your fingers to startle them if they do not open their eyes within seconds.

Sometimes puppies are slow to open their eyes. There could be several reasons for this. One is that the mother is not producing enough milk, and your puppy is not getting enough nutrition. 

Another cause could be that the mother is pregnant again, and your puppy has to compete with her new litter for food. It can also happen if the mother has been ill or worried during pregnancy, making her less able to nurse her current litter.

If your chihuahua pup’s eyes start to open and he cannot close them, this is normal. Your puppy will learn to close his eyes as he ages, but it is just a reflex. You do not have to worry about him bumping into things or hurting himself at this stage. Just keep an eye on him and ensure he doesn’t hurt himself.

You don’t want your Chihuahua puppy to get his eyes dirty because this could damage the delicate tissue in their eyes. You can also open their eyes while playing with them and give them a treat when they look at you or close their eyes.

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What To Do If A Chihuahua Puppy Is Blind?

It may take a few days for the eyes to open fully with some breeds, such as the pug. A chihuahua that opens its eyes after the end of the first week will probably take another week.

Others show an unusual amount of development in one eye at a time, and this can cause them to take several weeks before they are fully developed.

It is possible to try eye drops, but this will not help in most cases. Dogs that are genetically blind often become blind when one of their eyes fails.

The vet may be able to examine your dog and tell you what’s wrong, but they will most likely recommend putting the dog down as soon as possible. This is because a dog that’s blind in one eye often goes blind in the other.

Final Words

When do chihuahua puppies open their eyes is now clear to you. But there are several reasons a chihuahua puppy’s eyes may take a while to open. One is that the mother may not produce enough milk, and the puppies do not get enough nutrients from her.

Another common cause is that the mother becomes pregnant again, making her less willing to nurse. It can also happen if she has been ill or stressed during pregnancy. Another possibility is that your puppy’s sibling pushed him out of the way because he wanted to suckle first.

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