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Top 7 Ways to Bulk Up Your Pitbulls

Pit bulls are known for being powerful and muscular canines. That’s why it can be frustrating to realize that your pit bull is rather frail in comparison to most others.

If you want to do what you can to encourage your dog to “fill out” in a healthy way, then you should try these seven strategies out without a second of delay or hesitation.

1. Invest in the Right Dog Food for Pit Bulls

A suitable diet is key for owners who want their pit bulls to gain mass. Pit bulls are animals that benefit from eating lots of protein. You have to put together a diet that involves the correct balance of protein, carbs and fat according to TrainYourGSD. If you have any doubt about foods that are fitting for pit bulls, request guidance from a veterinarian.

2. Focus on Exercise

Pit bulls are like all other dogs in that they call for routine exercise sessions. The right fitness approach can do so much for owners who want their pit bulls to look and feel a lot more muscular. 

It can help to zero in on spring pull use, weight pulling and even running. If you encourage your pit bull to run up hills that are steep, it may push his physique in the correct direction.

3. Consider Dietary Supplements

There are an abundance of dog foods that don’t offer all of the essential nutrients for canines. If you want your pit bull to become muscular, then it may help you to give him dietary supplements that are fitting. 

It can help to concentrate on supplements that are all about the correct amounts of minerals, amino acids and proteins.

4. Talk to Your Veterinarian

You don’t want to risk harming your pit bull with excessive amounts of exercise. That’s the reason that you should always seek the guidance of your veterinarian before proceeding with “extras.”

It’s particularly critical to get this guidance with regard to young or elderly canines. Veterinarians pay attention to everything from joints to muscle growth. That’s how they can determine appropriate fitness amounts.

5. Introduce Weight Vests to Your Dog’s Life

If you want to give your dog a healthy way to burn off excess energy, then it can help to present him with a weight vest. These vests can be ideal for outdoor strolls. They can be just as ideal for regular play sessions.

6. Change Up Your Dog’s Exercise Routine

Pit bulls are a lot like human beings. Exercise routines that are 100 percent “predictable” aren’t always the best for them. If you want to take full advantage of your pit bull’s exercise time, then you should make a point to switch things up regularly.

Keep your pit bull’s body guessing time and time again. Some pit bulls respond well to weight pulling that involves suitable harnesses. There are other pit bulls that respond even better to swimming in pools, lakes and oceans. 

It’s crucial for you to take the time to find exercise choices that are beneficial for your dog’s spirits and physical fitness situation in general.

7. Take the Slow Approach

It’s vital to take the “slow but sure” approach to helping your pit bull build muscle. Don’t try to rush things. It doesn’t matter if you present your pit bull with the finest dietary supplements and meals out there.

Muscle isn’t something that ever pops up overnight. It’s always a terrific idea to keep your vet in the loop with regard to your dog’s progress, too. Be sure to tell your vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

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