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How to Travel With a Cat Who Freaks Out on Planes

Are you planning on traveling soon with a cat who freaks out while on a Plane? Well, learning how to calm the cat can make the flight more bearable. But, with the right knowledge, tools, and equipment, you can make the flight seamless. 

Generally, cats can be unpredictable and temperamental when they are out of their comfort zones. Therefore, learning the best tips for traveling with a cat who freaks out on planes is essential.

1. Pack everything your cat may need

The first must-do thing is to take all you need when travelling with your cat. First, you can create a list of essential items like pheromone-reassuring products, paper towels, plastic quart-size, and a spare collar ID tag. Once you have created the list, pack your checklist and counter-check whether all items are present. A key point to note while packing is not to forget essential items such as a pet diaper. Diapers will be very useful if your cat wants to urinate in the middle of a flight.

2. Inquire of the airline’s policies

Different airlines have different policies for those traveling with their pets. Thus, it is important to inquire about cabin and cargo policies accordingly. Some airlines limit the number of furry friends one can carry in a single flight. Furthermore, knowing about the policies would help you decide whether you want your cat to travel in the cabin or the cargo area, depending on the policy stipulations. The best region for those cats who freak out on planes is the cabin; let them travel around you. A nervous cat will feel safe and happier with you when left alone in the cargo area.

3. Visit a Vet and get all the necessary paperwork

Before flying, don’t forget to get a cat vaccination and the necessary paperwork. Most airlines will require the necessary vaccination papers from your vet. Furthermore, vaccinations can prevent your cat from falling ill during your travel and contracting any disease or infection from the travel destination.

4. Condition your cat on how to get in and out of the carrier

As a rule, airport security will take your cat out for inspection and screening. For a cat that freaks out on planes, it is crucial to ensure that the process of getting in and out of the carrier is stress-free. Thus, you can train your cat by creating a game days before the actual flight. The game requires him to get in and out of the carrier. Furthermore, the conditioning will ensure that your cat will not freak out during airport security.

5. Be your cat’s protector

There are many activities and perceived threats, such as dogs to your cat. Thus, it’s essential to ensure your cat is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. You can do this by body blocking your cat from outside perceived threats.

6. Properly feed your cat

Overfeeding your cat can increase the chances of vomiting and nausea during the flight. Thus, you can prevent this by minimizing the amount of food you give to your cat. Also, ensure to take all you need when travelling with your cat in terms of potty pads, latex gloves, and paper towels.

The latex gloves and paper towels will come in handy in case your cat makes a mess. Additionally, ensure you have a water bottle, bowl, food, and the medication your cat takes during the flight. You can also feed your cat with water to prevent stomach upset during the flight.

7. Use pheromone wipes or collar

Pheromone wipes help to reduce a cat’s level of anxiety. Thus, you can spray the carrier before flying to reduce your cat’s anxiety. You can also go for a pheromone collar to reduce anxiety.


Lastly, some medications, like gabapentin, can help reduce your furry friend’s anxiety. But, first, consult your vet before medicating your cat. Remember, flying with a cat who freaks out on planes can be stressful to both you and your cat. Thus, planning ahead of the flight will ensure an anxiety-free and stress-free flight. Also, it is crucial to stay calm during the flight as some cats can sense your distress.

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