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Super Feeder Automatic Cat Feeder Review

Do you have a feline? And you are always late with your cat meal?

Maybe due to work, errands, traffic, etc., here is your solution with Super feeder automatic cat feeder; it can be taken care of. This type of cat feeder can be pre-programmed to be able to feed your cat when you are at work or running errands, delayed by traffic, and so much more.

This Super feeder is appropriately distributing to bits from a couple of kibbles to a few cups of evaporating nourishment every day to multiple times day by day utilizing the included external simple clock. The two high-quality and indestructible polycarbonate 2-cup explicit expansions are incorporated alongside a simple program clock. A metal mounting section joined with the feeder to a smaller hardcore dark ABS base and tower.

Super Feeder Automatic Cat Feeder

The Super Feeder can likewise be utilized with a home automation framework or potentially electronic structure. Conservative, it holds 4 and 3/4 cups of the cat food (about 1.5 lb of the cat food). Its ability can be expanded later with extra 2-cup apparent expansions or a 1.5-gallon container accessible from Super-Feed. To help make preparations for that “locksmith” feline, a polycarbonate chute spread (defensive gadget) is additionally introduced over the chute.

Different feeders can be “activated” at the same time with one clock! The Super Feeder is incredibly trustworthy, adaptable, easy to work, and accompanies customized client care. Minor get together is required with a provided screwdriver. For free use, it is typically put upheld up to a divider, bureau, or over a corner divider. Above all and contrasted with others on the off chance that you have an evil pet, it could be mounted to a divider or your one of a kind custom mount utilizing a bit of wood rather than the provided short stand.

How It Works

The super feeder automatic cat feeder is a tool that helps with the feeding of your cats when you are not around to do so. This tool helps dispense your cat food into different portions and for different times of the day for your cats. It is also a program in such a way that your cats will be served in the exact time you want.

The super cat feeder is impeccable to keep your pets stable and very much encouraged with auspicious suppers. Mount the metal section to the distributor and join it to the base/tower. Then adjust the feeder for the food estimate and align divide size with a constant electronic controller. Program the outside clock to turn now and again, and you need to bolster and connect the feeder’s capacity supply to the clock.


Stand and Bowl

The stand is made out of amazingly durable ABS plastic. The unique bowl bolts between the container and the base. It is made out of a dishwasher safe plastic-based material generally utilized for kitchenware. The bottom will likewise fit a treated Steel metal bowl accessible from Super Feed. At the point when the cat food drops from the allocator, it is scattered similarly toward the external edges of the bowl for better pet access to the cat food.

The Fundamental Feeder

The fundamental feeder holds 5 cups (volume) of the cat food, and its nonessential with more augmentations. Flexible from not many kibbles to cups up to 48 times each day. Extraordinary for felines with heaving issues when overeating or for cutting weight.

Extra Extension

Transitory unique incorporates one free additional transparent extension to expand limit up to 7 Cups. A fundamental feeder with two clear augmentations is 11 x 10 x 15 inches tall


Include a Kasa KC120 Cam 1080p Smart Home Security Camera by TP-Link rather than a modest implicit sort. That day/night camera is flawless on the grounds that you can put it anyplace you need and modify the field of vision and close-up on anything you desire just as having the option to record, talk and tune in to your pet.

Plug Wi-Fi

To see super feeders including Wi-Fi Plug perfect with Alexa, search “Alexa super feeder.”

What we like

  • Additional little helpings are conceivable with the utilization of the moderate speed control connector.
  • It can be utilized in a relationship with a system based framework or home automation framework.
  • Will keep going for a considerable length of time as it is one of the most sturdy feline feeders available.
  • Various bowl decisions function admirably with this feline feeder. Valuable for felines with plastic hypersensitivities.
  • It has up to 8 helpings, and the feline feeder can assign a day. This makes this feeder the ideal alternative for sustaining numerous felines.
  • It can be utilized for broadened timeframes while away. Your activity will be to renew the feline feeder and leave for that end of the week escape or employment-related excursion.
  • Feeder holds about 5 cups of the feline food
  • Roller and confuse framework administers nourishment. This ensures frequencies of the cat food getting stuck in the feeders usually are connected with the feeders are overlooked.
  • Every one of the parts on the CSF-3 can be evacuated, supplanted, and are dishwasher-safe.
  • You can without much of a stretch program to administer snacks in the middle of huge dinners.

What we don’t like

  • This feline feeder has no reinforcement control supply. Whenever unplugged coincidentally, your felines could go hungry inconclusively.
  • This feline feeder’s quality can’t be addressed; it is premium. Be that as it may, you will pay the consequences for it. Very expensive.
  • The food parts can differ, particularly when utilizing little, level plate sorts of feline food.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Super Feeder Automatic Cat Feeder

The Size Stage Of Your Cat

In the event that your feline is devilish and is past the cat organize, it could render the system of the feline feeder inoperable in order to grab as a lot of nourishment as it would need. A few felines are savvy, and with a couple of preliminaries, figure out how the feline feeder works.

The Number of Cats

You have to think about the number of felines you have so you can pick the model that is generally fitting for you.


The super feeder automatic cat feeder is one of the best ways to feed your cat with no stress. This tool is beneficial for those cat owners who are always busy with work and errands or stuck in traffic; this is a new way to fix your cat meal from time to time.

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