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Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder Review

A lot of individuals take a gander at their felines as part of their family. Nonetheless, there are times when it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to receive them with you. For example, while taking some time off, it very well may be hard to discover facilities that are pet-accommodating, and hence, you may need to leave your cat at home.

Previously, individuals would leave their cats with a relative or have somebody stopped by and beware of them, caring for them while you are away. Be that as it may, circumstances are different, and now, you can travel with the use of Iseebiz automatic cat feeder, and especially supportive gadget for feline owners. Contingent upon the style, some automatic feeders can hold food nourishment for feline or cats for as long as seven days.

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder

iseebiz automatic cat feeder

The Iseebiz cat feeder is one of the best feeders for your felines. With this feeder, you can at long last get your cat on a decent diet. It explicitly enables you to program up to four times each day, and you can pick between 1-39 bit control. Along these lines, you can alter the segments to be the ideal sum for your cat

In contrast to other automatic feeders, the Iseebiz accompanies a power connector. Consequently, you won’t have the problem of evolving batteries.

The capacity region is structured with watertight innovation, which keeps the nourishment holding back to be administered as new as the day you put it into the feeder. This assists with the wellbeing of your cat by ensuring that they don’t ingest old or stale nourishment.

The Iseebiz automatic cat feeder has its very own voice recorder, which enables you to spare a 10-second message that will play at encouraging time. This is an incredible component that trains cats to know when the feeder is dropping their nourishment, without you demonstrating them inevitably.


Customize Portion Control and Feeding Time:

This feline feeder gives an adaptable bolstering calendar and part size for every automatic encouraging, enabling you to set up ordinary eating schedules for the day with no pressure.

APP and Camera Control:

Free download Smart Feeder programming perfect with Androids and IOS. You can control your cat’s day by day, sustaining times whenever, anywhere, and you can watch your cat on your advanced cell while you are away; this feeder can also work with Alexa.

Six Meal Feeding and Voice Record:

You can set the accurate measure of grams to be benefited from the application, multiple times daily, and you can include a recorded customized voice message to play when it administers their suppers. Recording various times in succession while delivering the nourishment, ensuring they don’t miss supper.

Two-way power Supply:

Batteries or cord can fuel this automatic car feeder; you can plug it easily and include D cell battery(Not Included) on the feeder to supply power, in case any of intensity cut off, letting your felines or cats hungry.

Quickly Customer Service:

If you have any quality issues inside a year’s warranty, there is a 24h customer service waiting to hear from you.


  • Four programmable nourishing timetables 
  • Supports voice recording to get out the kitty
  • Infrared recognition to keep the kibbles from spilling
  • Takes a shot at double power supply – divider power and battery
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Huge limit of 3 liters
  • Keeps the nourishment new
  • Affordable price


  • A couple of individuals grumbled that this feeder isn’t precisely in its bit administering, and creates rather modest quantities of food at once
  • Simple for the feline to unplug it inadvertently
  • Pieces are not removable for profound cleaning
  • In the first place, the cover is difficult to take a deep breath and relax on
  • The feeder buttons are somewhat inert; you have to squeeze them exceptionally hard (now and again with your fingernail)
  • It very well may be tipped over by an exceptionally energetic feline
  • The automatic changing to the battery in the event of intensity blackout doesn’t appear to be dependable on occasion

How Iseebiz Cat Feeder Works

The feeder works with dry kibble, preferably the small side (1/4 “dia), and you can program it up to 4 suppers for each day, with a calendar of your inclination to bolster your feline. You can pick the bit size exclusively as per your feline needs least of 5 gr. up to 195 gr. from time. TheIseebiz feeder permits you to record a voice message to help alert you felines to come and eat; this voice message will always play when it is time for your cats to eat.

But in the case whereby you would prefer not to utilize this component, hold down the “MIC” button to begin recording and don’t utter a word, hold up 10 seconds and afterward remove your hands from the switch.

How To Clean Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder perfectly

This type of cat feeder is straightforward to clean. First of all, you can’t take out the container of the feeder. To clean, you can always use a soggy material and then try drying it with a very dry paper towel. Secondly, you don’t dip this cat feeder into the water.

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In summary, the Iseebiz automatic cat feeder allows you to apportion food at whatever point required efficiently. With the infrared discoveries, they effectively control the spilling as this guides in distinguishing once the nourishment plate is full. Besides, the automatic feline feeders are additionally simple to spotless as they have dishwasher sheltered and detachable parts.

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