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PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder Review

Pet automatic feeders are a need for some pet proprietors who leave their felines and canines for significant periods. With PetSafe smart Automatic dog and cat feeder, you can take that errand up a score by connecting the automatic feeder to applications which let you program when you need some chow to hit the bowl, and even set up divides.

PetSafe Smart Feeder

Pet Feeder for iPhone and Android is a helpful pet-nourishing answer for the cutting edge pet parent. Regardless of whether you’re working late, going out, or want to remain in bed somewhat more, the ability to bolster your pet is in the palm of your hands, no all the more racing to the bowl and pouring. The Wi-Fi-empowered feeder interfaces with your home’s remote switch and works with your Android or Apple cell phone, enabling you to sustain your feline or pooch regardless of your area.

Utilize the application to redo and plan up to 12 dinners per day, with partitions running from 1/8 cup to 4 cups to accommodate your pet’s bolstering needs. The Smart Feed is fueled by a connector with a discretionary battery reinforcement (batteries excluded) and works with iPhone and iPod gadgets iOS 9 or later and most Android cell phones.

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder


Low Food Sensor

The feeder automatically advises you when nourishment levels are low; you’ll additionally get a caution if the container gets vacant

Automatic Replenishment

Automatically reorder your pet’s preferred nourishment with Amazon Dash Replenishment

Alexa Enable

You can ask Amazon for Echo gadget to feed your dog or feline for a snack; utilize the Smart Feed application to monitor your cat or dog feeding on anyplace for significant serenity

Cell Phone Programming

Control your pet’s feast time from anyplace utilizing your cell phone; application requires a Macintosh iPhone or iPod gadget iOS 9.0 or later or a good Android cell phone 6.0 or later

Customized Pet Feeding

Program up to 12 suppers to benefit from your pet’s timetable; the Feed Now choice enables you to sustain your feline or canine outside of ordinary encouraging occasions

Adaptable Portions

Meals can be administered from 1/8 cup to 4 cups to accommodate your pet’s exceptional nourishing needs; slow feed choice permits dinners bigger than 1/8 cup to apportion gradually over a 15-minute time frame

Battery Backup

The feeder is controlled connector worked with discretionary battery reinforcement (requires 4 D-cell soluble batteries, excluded); if Wi-Fi drops, your pet still gets the following booked encouraging

Simple To Clean

This one is more about you than your pets. On the off chance that it looks confounded to dismantle and clean, it presumably is. Once in a while, a pet feeder station is dishwasher safe. Others are anything but difficult to dismantle, wash, and set up back together. Investigate the pet feeder before you get it to perceive how simple it will be to dismantle. Lid, container, bowl, and bowl holder are best in class dishwasher-safe for helpful cleaning; made without BPA plastic and tempered steel; for indoor use.


  • What’s more, Easy interface with set up Phone/App/Feeder/Wi-Fi
  • The AppApp enables you to completely control and screen your feline’s encouraging action and the feeder from your Smartphone
  • Change your felines nourishing timetable whenever, anyplace
  • Customizable feast times and segments, exclusively
  • Accessible to utilizeAppApp gives numerous highlights, for example, warnings, remote feedings, and so forth.
  • The application enables you to control more than one feeder
  • It continues working without a web (as long as it’s connected)
  • Large 24-cup limit of nourishment container
  • Excellent precision in parcels because of its inner transport sustaining system
  • Stainless-steel bowl stays away from feline jaw skin break out
  • Bowl, holder, and box are removable for simple cleaning, top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Power button situated at the base of the unit keeps kids from killing the feeder
  • Groove on the bottom for the line to sit in. Battery reinforcement to guarantee the unit’s activity if there should be an occurrence of a power blackout
  • Food inside component handles a different broad type of kibble sizes and shapes
  • Comes with AC connector (not at all like Feed variant)


  • Kibbles makes a noisy commotion while falling into the hardened steel bowl
  • Batteries are not the primary wellspring of intensity, just as reinforcement App doesn’t enable you to include a second administrator Big impression
  • It doesn’t have a webcam
  • No warning when the container is low on nourishment
  • Bowl isn’t full enough for two significant felines to eat together easily
  • You can’t utilize Slow Feed Mode to apportion the base sum (1/8 cup). Just for more magnificent dinners (4 cups and up)

Tips For Choosing PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Try to consistently keep the container with enough nourishment to enable the transport to get full and heighten the segments up to the chute. If you come up short at doing this, the system begins placing less food into every transport compartment, and the exactness of the customized dinners is less.

How To Set The PetSafe Cat Feeder Up

Put the batteries (4 x D alkalines), embed the tempered steel bowl, fill the container with nourishment, plug it in, and turn it on. At that point, download the free AppApp (iPhone or Android), register the unit in the AppApp, and interface the feeder to the Wi-Fi switch. The food container is held closed by two snap locks, and a one-push lock owns the container top.

When you fill the feeder with dry nourishment, make a point to “Prime” as trained, which is fundamentally press the feeder’s front button to administer a supper until around 4 cups are apportioned. This “Prime” activity of pushing the switch enables the food to heighten and fill the transport, so the nourishment is prepared by the chute to be administered.


In summary, the Petsafe smart automatic cat feeder has proven to be one of the best feeders for dogs and cats.The PetSafe Smart Feed has great exactness in parcels; you need to make a point to keep the feeder with enough nourishment. The AppApp is anything but difficult to utilize and direct.

Check The Video: How To Set Up PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, Wi-Fi Enabled Pet Feeder, Smartphone App for iPhone and Android

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