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Best Scoop for Pine Pellet Litter in 2022- Reviews and Guide

Choosing the best scoop for pine pellet litter make your daily scooping task less hectic, convenient and less time consuming. The sifter fork of a good scoop should be optimized for quickly separating the litter you collect and you should opt for metal scoopers.

A metal scooper is quite durable and won’t crack or break easily when you are handling the messes stuck at the litter pan’s bottom. 

The only exception is when dealing with pellets or crystal litter. Pellet and crystal litter don’t clump and are, therefore, easier to handle.

Either way, you need a cushioned or ergonomic handle that makes scooping gentle on the wrists. And the scooper should have a long handle, so you don’t strain while on the job.

We are looking at how to scoop coarse litter, how to dispose of pine cat litter, and the top five scoops for clumping litters. We’ll wrap it up with a buying guide for litter scoops. 

Read on and make quick comparison of litter scoops that will save you so much time.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop Excellent design and construction Check Price
backpac iPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel Has ergonomic handle, offering easy handling Check Price
cordlessblower Cat Litter Scoop Non-stick waterproof surface Check Price
cordlessblower Catit Cat Litter Scoop Can be hand washed with mild soap and water Check Price
cordlessblower IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel The front edge is perfect for corners Check Price

How Do You Scoop Pine Litter?

Pine pellets have been used in litter boxes for many years, but it isn’t the same as clumping litter for collecting. Many people like the litter for the reason that it’s dust-free and natural.

The only issue with this litter is that it requires some learning when it comes to scooping. Getting to know how to scoop the litter requires some practice, but once you get used to it, you’ll realize that it’s a very easy process.

Choose a small scoop with just enough slats to ensure good pellets are protected from falling through. 

The poop can be scooped as usual and the turds removed, but when it comes to collecting the urine, you must do it differently from the way clay litter is scooped.

In most cases, the wet clump will stick to the bottom of the bin, making it difficult to remove. The advantage with the pellets is that they won’t clump but will instead turn to sawdust which is not dusty.

To scoop the litter, start with the end of the box. Brush slowly through the pellet until you reach the sawdust. Sift the sawdust out into the garbage, and you are done.

Hopefully, you’ve realized how easy it is to scoop pine litter. If you didn’t get it right the first time, no need to worry, you can keep trying until you master this process. But if you are too busy to do it, you can let an expert do it for you.

How Do You Dispose of Pine Cat Litter?

The litter bought from stores isn’t that friendly to the environment. Although it is formulated to combat odor and clump, because of its content, it’s normally non-biodegradable. The manufacturing process of litter is also not environmentally friendly.

Cat litter contains different agents, each with a different level of toxicity to both humans and animals. More processed litter contains silica dust, a carcinogen that is dangerous to breathe. This explains why it is prudent to dispose of kitty litter carefully.

One way of guaranteeing you are safe in the first place is to use environmentally-friendly cat litter such as wood or pine pellets or shavings. Using natural cat litter is better than using the clay-based version. The eco-friendliest way of disposing of pine cat litter is to compost it.

If you have a garden, you just need to dig a compost heap where you can dump the litter to compost before applying it into your garden. You can as well buy or build a compost bin to compost the litter. If you used biodegradable litter, you can simply toss it into the trash where it will biodegrade with time. Don’t use a plastic bag for this purpose because plastic is non-biodegradable.

Don’t put the litter in a plastic bag and throw it away. This could appear most convenient for you, but it isn’t an eco-friendly way of disposing of waste. Secondly, don’t flush kitty litter in your toilet as this may lead to the intoxication of waterways if the poop was contaminated.

Cat Litter Scoopers Reviews

If you need a perfect scoop for cat poop, we have recommended some options you can purchase. Check each of these reviews in details to determine which one is ideal for used litter.

1. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

DuraScoop Jumbo Scoop is a fantastic scoop made of high-grade aluminum (ADC-12), except for its handle that is made of molded rubber coating to provide a comfortable grip.

The scoop is quite large, with slots cut from the bottom along its sides and center to make it easy to sift large amounts of litter.

Since it’s made of metal, it can be used to scrape even sticky pieces and it won’t scatter any debris around the area. It is designed to last a lifetime and with attractiveness in mind. When you hold it, you won’t believe it’s made of metal. This scooper is very light.

The greatest advantage of this scoop is that it’s corrosion-resistant, meaning it won’t rust even after you use it for several years. This litter-lifter pellet scoop comes in different colors, including sky blue, watermelon pink, and mint green, so you can choose a color that suits your style and taste.

This tool will let you dig out large clumps with ease. Because of the long handle, you can also use it to scrape the bottom and sides of the litter box comfortably, reducing the strain and effort on your wrist. This tool doesn’t break or bend easily.


  • Rust-resistant
  • Wide shovel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Excellent design and construction
  • Its sides are enclosed and rounded and to prevent the litter from flicking sifting


  • Slot sizes are too large, so you’ll have to sift several times
2. iPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel

iPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel

Owning a cat is rewarding, and fun and iPrimio just made caring for your cat a lot easier using this op-shelf sifter. It has perfect spacing. Allowing you to clean litter efficiently.

iPrimio Sifter is ergonomically designed. The handle is made such that you can easily handle it as you go about the business of cleaning the litter box.

Even when handling large scoops, you won’t feel much strain on your wrist and hands. This makes it the best cat scoop for pine pellets. The aluminum makes it a durable scoop that will serve you for many years. It is also strong, so you can use it to lift even big clumps.

The iPrimio Sifter is constructed using strong cast aluminum with a reinforced front edge. It has a non-stick surface, making it easy to clean. With its ergonomic handle and tapered edge, the iPrimio Sifter is excellent for getting into the bottom and corners of the litter box.

Its slots are paced in a way that makes it easy to use them for sifting. It comes with a wall-mount hanger that you can use to store it safely away from the reach of children. This scooper will work best for you even if you have many cats or one large cat that fills the litter box quickly.


  • Has ergonomic handle, offering easy handling
  • Has a non-stick surface, making it easy to clean
  • The deep shovel makes it easy to use


  • The handle is a little heavy
  • It is too large for narrow or small litter boxes
3. Cat Litter Scoop

Cat Litter Scoop

This scoop is made of heavy-duty metal that contributes to its durability. It also has a long handle, so you won’t have to struggle to bend over the litter box.

The designers of this scooper knew pretty well that short handles can be taxing to the user’s back. That’s why they specifically designed it to prevent you from bending or craning to do the cleaning.

The handle is sturdy and nice – not weakening or bending with pressure. This means you can use it to dig deeper with minimal effort, making it ideal for clumping litter. This scoop offers a lot in a small package. It doesn’t break down easily because it is corrosive-resistant and waterproof.

With its non-stick surface, you can clean it easily and re-use it as many times as you wish. What you’ll like most about this scooper is its rubber-coated handle that helps your hands stay in place without slipping.

Its spaces are designed for optimal performance. You can use it to scoop both small and large grain litters and sift through without the scooper getting stuck. This feature ensures there’s no wastage, it allows the dirty litter to disappear but clean litter to stay.

If you are looking for an excellent litter collector for fine litter, then this scoop is for you. It is one of the top scoopers for feline pine pellets available.


  • Does not buckle
  • Extended handle
  • Non-stick waterproof surface
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Makes cleaning litter box easy


  • It May feel awkward for first-time users
4. Catit Cat Litter Scoop

Catit Cat Litter Scoop

Catit Cat Litter Scoop is specifically designed to be used with silica litter beads. Its large bowl to collect large quantities of litter at a time. Because it has an oversized hole, the liter will sift through with ease, while at the same time, it will retain the debris.

If you need the best sifting litter box for pine pellets, don’t look further. Catit Scoop is designed with the user in mind. Its handle is long enough to go deep into the litter box, and it’s sturdy enough not to bend while in use. This wide slot scoop makes your work easier, and you won’t feel any strain on your hands and wrist when using it.

The scoop is easy to clean, making it safe for you and your loved ones. It doesn’t accommodate any germs or bacteria, which is a common problem with many scoops out there.

It comes in four different colors, so you can choose the color that suits your style and taste, and also choose the color that matches your home decor. The scoop is specifically designed for use with Silica Litter Beads, but you can use it with clumping clay litter and clay litter as well.


  • Oversized holes for ease of sifting and prevention of wastage
  • Large bowl
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be hand washed with mild soap and water
  • Suitable for clumping clay litter and clay litter


  • It’s too big

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper is made of cast aluminum, making the best pellet scoop for wood pellets. The wood pellet litter scooper is coated with a non-stick material, the type that’s found on many cooking pans.

This will make it easier for you to deposit sticky feces into the garbage because they’ll not smear over or stick to its surface. It is also easy to clean for the same reason.

This scooper is designed with a wide front edge, allowing it to clean corners and get to the bottom of the box. It is attractive in design and is also light, making it easy to use and store.

The scooper will fit nicely into your hand with a comfortable grip – it doesn’t feel bendable or flimsy. It will enable you to reach dirty spots with ease, even those dirt sticking at the bottom of the box.

Its tip is accurately designed to enable it to cut through hard-to-scoop areas. And once you are through with collecting, you can use soap and water to wash it. Because of its non-stick surface, it doesn’t retain any bacteria.

Overall, this scooper is a well-made selection that’s completely durable and easy to clean. It even has a plastic hook that you can use to hang it – keeping it out of reach of children.


  • Includes hanger
  • The front edge is perfect for corners
  • Wide shovel
  • Comfortable handle
  • The non-stick surface prevents sticking/smearing feces and makes cleaning easier


  • Its slots are a little wide, so you have to sift many times to effectively get smaller pieces of dirty litter.

The Thing You Need to Consider Before Buying scoop for pine pellet litter

Choosing a litter scoop that can perform all these functions makes your job easier. This is because we have thousands of scoop types, and each has a unique design. When buying scoopers, here are some factors you need to consider:

Effectiveness and Quality

Scoops vary in quality and effectiveness. An effective scoop should be able to perform its function, and while doing that, it should not break easily. Most cheap scoops don’t last because they are made of inferior materials.

If, for example, you need a scoop that can handle feces and used litter clumps, you must choose one that’s made of durable material. Such a scoop will also serve you for many years, hence providing value for money. You don’t expect a wood pellet scoop to last for as long as a metal scoop.

Easy Care

You need to choose a scoop that’s easy to clean and even to store. Some scoops allow the poop to stick to them making it very difficult to clean. Some have a smooth surface that doesn’t allow the poop to stick.

Scoop that’s difficult to clean can host bacteria and other germs, putting your life and that of your loved ones at risk. You should consider the shape of the scoop. The shape will determine how easy it is to store.

Ease of Use

Scoops came in different sizes and shapes. The best shape and design to choose will depend on the size and shape of the cat’s litter boxes. If you have very deep litter boxes, you need a scoop with a long handle that can reach the bottom of the box. On the other hand, if your litter box is shallow, you’ll need a scoop with a short handle.

Also, make sure you choose a scoop with a non-stick surface to prevent clumped litter and waste from sticking onto it. A scooper with a non-stick surface is also preferable because scraping off litter and waste from the surface of a scoop isn’t recommended.

The scooper shouldn’t be too heavy either. Generally, you should choose a scooper that’s easy and comfortable to handle or grip.


Large scoops are better than small ones because they hold more material than small ones. It can sift through litter faster, shortening your scooping time.

However, the size of the scoop is determined by the size of the litter boxes. Using a small scooper in a large litter box can be tiresome. Likewise, using a large scooper in a small litter box isn’t practical. Buy a scooper whose size fits the size of your litter box.

Scooper’s Hole Size

Apart from scooper size, the spaces in the scooper also matter a lot. But the hole sizes should also be determined by the size of the particles. A litter with small-sized particles will need a scooper with small holes/space.

Durability of Scoopers

Scoopers can be made of metal, plastic, carton, or disposable plastic. If you want a scooper that you won’t have to replace regularly, you can buy those made of metal or hard plastic. But if you want a scooper you can use once and toss away, you can choose the paper pellet scoop or ones made of disposable plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you scoop pine litter?

Effectively scooping the pine requires some learning, but once you master it, you’ll appreciate how easy it is. Use a scoop with small slats to keep good pellets. Scoop the poop just the same way you’d scoop any dirt. When the cat pees on pine pellets, they’ll turn into sawdust, making it easy to scoop. Start from one side of the box and move through the pellets.

What is the right scoop for pellet litter?

There are quite a number of scoop for pellet litter. We have researched the market thoroughly and reviewed the recommended products you can consider buying. All the above-reviewed scoop for pellet litter work well to meet your needs.

Do you need a sifting litter box for pine pellets?

Yes. When the cat has urinated on the pine pellet, you’ll need to clean the litter tray by sifting through its content. You can do this by using a litter scoop, but if you feel it’s tiring, you can use a sifting litter box.

How often should you change wood pellet cat litter?

It is advisable to change the wood pellet cat litter once every 4 to 6 weeks. If you notice a bad odor after sifting or scooping, then you need to replace the litter.

Are pellets better than litter?

Yes. Pine pellets are better, particularly for the health of your pet. Many people prefer them because they are eco-friendly and are good at neutralizing odors. Furthermore, pine pellets don’t create messes as clay litter. However, you have to consider what your cat prefers.

Do cats like pine litter?

Naturally, cats don’t like pine litter. One of the main reasons why they don’t like it is its strong odor. This odor may be pleasant to you, but for your cat, that isn’t the case.

Final Words

Hopefully from the above reviews, you now have a good idea of what is available in the market and how you can choose the right scooper. The information presented above should help you understand that the right scooper is one that’s functional, efficient, ergonomic, and durable. A good scooper provides value for money and is easy to clean and maintain.

When buying a scooper, make sure you do so from a reliable and trusted dealer. Some unscrupulous vendors may sell you counterfeits, which don’t last and can even serve the intended purpose for which you bought them. It is worth emphasizing that the scooper you buy should have a non-stick surface so you can clean it easily.

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