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Getting A Dog? Here Are A Few Things To Consider Before Making The Commitment

Getting a dog will change your life for the better, but it’s not all as simple as you may initially think. And while it is disappointing to think of the downsides, knowing so will help you understand exactly what you are signing up for and make you a better dog owner in the long run. Plus, a dog is a big responsibility, and being prepared is not the worst thing, so here are a few things you should know to prepare you for the potential arrival of your new buddy.

Why Do You Want A Dog?

While you may have already made the decision to get a dog, are you sure that this is right for you? You need to carefully consider the reason behind a dog over another animal. It may be that you are lonely and yearn for companionship or that you crave the responsibility of caring for another. A dog is a massive commitment, so you need to figure out the reason you want a dog in the first place and carefully consider if a dog is the best option for them, as well as yourself.

You Will Have Less Freedom

Getting a dog will change your entire schedule, and you will realize how much you took for granted your free time. Beforehand you could pack up and go without a second thought, but that all changes when you make the commitment to man’s best friend. 

While this is what you would expect of dog ownership, it can be quite a surprising adjustment, especially for a workaholic or party goer. If this is you, you may have to switch it up to having nights in and reducing the number of holidays you have a year.

A recent survey revealed that 76% of dogs experience separation anxiety when away from their owners for periods of time, showing that it is important to consider if you are ready to make this change in your lifestyle. The last thing you want is your dog feeling abandoned because your life commitments make it hard for you to be around.

Are You Willing To Take Responsibility?

Not only does a dog desire more attention from you, but there are other responsibilities you need to be made aware of. You need to take into consideration nutrition, exercise, veterinary care, and training. Dog ownership isn’t so easy when you put all the factors together; it is not only the commitment to your new dog, but you need to make a commitment to your community that you will clean up after them, and yes, this does mean picking up after him on walks. While you may have to clean up after them when walking out in public, you could benefit from a service such as Dingle’s dog poop pick up service in Reno who will clean up after your pooch in your garden.

They May Need A Lot Of Training

While you may be lucky and adopt a dog who has previous training, the likeliness is that you’ll end up with the complete opposite, and part of your responsibility as the owner is training your dog to behave. This is not an easy job, it will require time and patience, but rewarding them with a treat will bound to give faster results as they learn.

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