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Why Is My Cat Winking at Me? (8 Reason Explained)

My cat Chester has been winking at us for the past few days. I thought it was adorable and assumed he was trying to be adorable, so we laughed every time he did it. But then someone told us that cats don’t have eyelids and can’t close their eyes. 

When we went to check our furry friend’s eyes, nothing seemed to be wrong with them. His pupils were wide open, and there were no signs of irritation or redness. It’s very unusual to have them closed on one side. 

So, I was confused about Why is my cat winking at me. And finally, I found some reasons why your cat might wink. Would you like to know? Let’s go! 

Why Is My Cat Winking At Me?

Why Is My Cat Winking at Me

The mystery surrounding this phenomenon is not only that cats can’t close their eyes with eyes that open outwards. They can’t even do so with eyes that open inwards. Here are some of the reasons why cats wink at me: 

Just Like Blinking, It’s About Communication

Just Like cats eye Blinking, It’s About Communication

A cat’s eyes are generally open and have a transparent membrane, or ‘tear film,’ covering the surface. This helps to protect the eyes.

When a cat blinks, this reflex action helps spread tears over the front surface of the eye. The blinking stops when the eyelids entirely cover their surface, preventing it from drying.

Cats sometimes produce tears when they are anxious, and if you notice your cat’s eyes watering, you may notice that he blinks less. This happens because tears contain chemicals called endorphins which help to reduce stress in cats and make them feel calm.

Your Cat Is Tired and Sleepy

Your Cat Is Tired and Sleepy

It is usual for cats to have their eyes closed most of the time. It is because they are nocturnal creatures that hunt at night. During the day, your cat will rest and sleep, which is reflected in his behavior by having his eyes closed.

If you wake up one morning and notice that your cat’s eyes are open, there is nothing to worry about – it could just be that he’s tired and needs a nap!

He’s Stressed or Anxious. If your cat has been winking at you recently, it may be because he feels stressed or anxious about something.


Cat Oculolinctus behavior

Oculolinctus is a behavioral syndrome that isn’t common among domestic cats, but it does happen. In this syndrome, your cat will lick its owner’s or another companion’s eyelids. The cause of the behavior hasn’t been determined, though it’s likely caused by stress and anxiety due to challenges in the home environment.

Cats with oculolinctus will also exhibit signs of stress and anxiety, such as misusing the litter box or chewing excessively. As with any behavior problem, if there is one thing you should do first is to make sure you’re giving your cat enough mental stimulation.

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They Have Something Stuck In Their Eye

If you notice that your cat’s eyelids are unusually closed and he seems distressed, there may be something in his eye. Try to find out if there are any small particles or things stuck in his eye using a warm, damp cloth. Then, take him to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible.

He’s Very Ill

conjunctivitis have eye problems

If your cat’s eyes are very red and painful, it could signify a severe eye problem. Take him to the nearest vet as soon as possible so he can be diagnosed and treated. If you notice that one eye looks more closed than the other, this could mean something wrong with his optic nerve.

They May Have a Conjunctivitis Problem Cats with conjunctivitis have eye problems. If your cat has any discharge around his eyes, take him to the vet for treatment. He may need antibiotics, or steroid drops to help clear up a conjunctivitis infection.


The cat’s opaque inner layer prevents this from happening and protects the cornea from scratches. This condition is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, which causes the eyes to be retracted and unable to open completely. Some cats may develop their eyelids spontaneously, but others will require treatment from a veterinarian.

It Could Be Allergies

Your cat may have a stitch or an infection. If your cat’s eyes are typically closed, he is trying to open them. But you notice that they are not moving or something obstructs them. It might be due to an infection.

If your pet has a clump of hair or an object in one of his eyes, you will need to take him straight to the vet for further testing. It could be a severe condition such as an eye infection or a conjunctival cyst.

It’s An Eye Condition

Cats have reflective surfaces, or corneas, on the front surface of their eye. It allows them to see clearly in bright light and detect small movements. When an eyelid opens and closes, it may contact the cornea, causing scratching or damage. It is impeding its ability to detect movement. 

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What is The Solution to This Problem?

Since blinking isn’t a medical issue, you should be able to address these using behavioral techniques. For example, you might start playing with your cat during the day so that they’re more likely to be tired when they go to sleep.

There’s a condition called oculolinctus that causes cats to lick or suck on the eyelids of their owner. It’s not actually clear whether this is caused by grooming activities or stress and anxiety, but it might be worth talking to your vet about if you haven’t already done so.

It is best to take your cat to your local vet as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. Hypermetropia is an inherited condition that causes cats’ eyes to be abnormally large and rounder than average.

Final Words

I always wonder, “Why is my cat winking at me?” Now I have explained the answer. He’s trying to protect his eyes from something you do not like. At least your cat is not doing it just for fun. So, what do you think? Is your cat winking at you? Tell us all about it in the comment section. Take care!

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