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Why do dogs lick your face when you cry?

Laughter is the best medicine, and a good belly laugh has been proven to relieve stress. But one thing you may not have known is that when your dog lick your face when you are crying. Why do dogs lick your face when you cry?

It’s no secret that dogs enjoy spending time with their owners! Studies show that dogs genuinely prefer human company to other humans or pets. And because of this, they know how to be sensitive and comfort those feeling sad or depressed. Dogs have a fantastic sense of empathy, allowing them to sense our emotional state and react accordingly.

Here is an explanation of why dogs do that for you. So you can keep continuing to know more.

Do Dogs Understand When You Cry?

Do Dogs Understand When You Cry

Your dog loves you and wants to help you in any way that it can, and one of the easiest ways for it to do this is with its tongue. Dogs use licking to show affection for their owners or other dogs, but do they know when you are sad?

When dogs lick your face when you cry, they know something is wrong. Like a human will comfort someone else in pain by rubbing their back or patting them on the shoulder, so does your dog. Your dog knows that when someone is sad, they will start crying, making them want to comfort you.

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face When You Cry?

Why do dogs lick your face when you cry?

Because dogs are so sensitive to our emotions, they need to act and do something to make us feel better or happy. When you are sad, your dog will sense it and try to comfort you through their actions. They know that you need attention, love, and affection when you are sad.

Licking comes naturally to dogs

Some people believe that dogs lick their faces when a person is about to cry because they find it comforting and relieve stress. While there is some evidence for this theory, another explanation for why dogs lick their faces when a person cries could be that it’s a ‘happy’ taste.

It’s a friendly gesture

It's a friendly gesture

Dogs lick each other’s faces because they like being close to people. It’s a friendly gesture and not part of some complex pack ritual. Another possible explanation is that licking comes naturally to dogs and is nothing special. Therefore there is no need for them to make an excuse.

The dog is comforting you

Dogs also like to be involved in your activities, so they will do anything to keep you happy. For example, if you are having a bad day and watching TV or reading, and you have your dog nearby, it will try to do whatever it takes to get you interested in the show. Dogs want you to be happy and interested in your actions.

Dogs will even keep watch over their owners as they sleep. Even if this sounds kind of creepy, this is normal for dogs! They want to ensure their owner gets the rest they need after a long day of work or school.

Dog likes the taste of tears

One thing that is not so normal about dogs and their enjoyment of something on a sad day is that when you are sad, you may start crying. And dogs love the taste of tears in your eyes!

It is normal because dogs instinctively need to make someone feel safe and secure. Their primary survival mechanism is to be able to sense when there is danger around. When they sense danger, their first response will be to display any sign of aggression, such as growling or barking at the source of the danger. However, if this does not work, it will respond by licking your face.

The dog is feeling stressed

If the above signs fail to work, your dog will try a different strategy to help you get through your difficult situation. When dogs begin feeling stressed, they tend to isolate themselves, ignore their owners and stop listening in on conversations they usually do.

Dogs also tend to become depressed and have difficulty focusing on anything they usually find exciting. Hence, your pet may stop listening in on every conversation with friends or family because it does not seem important when you are sad.

Taste Buds

Although there are many theories about why dogs love licking our faces when we cry, there is one, in particular, that seems to be the most logical. This is because dogs have an enhanced sense of taste, which makes them more sensitive to things like salt.

To relieve stress and give solace to their owner

However, some people believe that dogs lick your face after you cry to shift your tears and make them slide down your cheek instead of making a mess. If you’ve ever watched a dog lick another dog after they’ve been spayed or neutered, it’s probably not because of the human’s tears.

They’re Being Friendly

Dogs are friendly and comforting, not licking out their own personal water supply! That doesn’t make any sense at all. If I were to lick another dog this way, I’d probably suck on their ears or nose like a vacuum cleaner to get as much moisture as possible.

They’re Just Over-Affectionate

That dog isn’t crazy; they’re just showing their affection uniquely! Dogs are hands-on in physical contact and love being close to people they trust and adore.

Final Words

Dogs do cry, and so do human beings. And, as you have read, there are several reasons why do dogs lick your face when you cry. Dogs can sense when you are sad or angry, and they will use their tongues to comfort you by licking your tears if they become overly stressed or frustrated.

If your dog licks your face after a hard day at work or school, even though it might seem strange, it’s the best feeling ever because it’s your dog’s way of trying to make you feel better.

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