Quirky Gifts to Give to the Dog Parent in Your Life

Nowadays, it can seem like people love their furbabies more than their friends and families. There are so many ways to spoil a pet lover with the perfect present. Here are some of the quirkiest gifts you could get for those in your life who love their canine companions.

What can be more hilarious than unwrapping a present and discovering your pet’s face on it? There are so many gifts out there that you could invest in if you want to give your loved one something that immortalises them forever. It could be as simple as a pair of socks or a mug, or it could be more complex like a jigsaw.

For something that is both cute and functional, check out Woof Blankets! These cosy blankets might be the perfect choice for anyone who loves to snuggle up with their pet under a blanket.

Something Crafty

If you are searching for a pet-based present for someone who is more on the crafty side, there is still plenty of options out there. One popular way to relax is with paint-by-numbers. These are great options for those who want to create a beautiful work of art, but do not have the confidence in their art skills to successfully pull it off.

A paint-by-numbers picture is a great way to get around this. You send an image off to one of the suppliers and will get the full kit back! Most suppliers accept an image of anything, so you can send off a picture of their beloved pet. 

Take that stunning photo of the dog on their favourite beach and get it converted into a paint-by-numbers! They will get a set of paints and a brush in the kit so they just need to sit down and start painting!

Pawsecco and Other Fun Treats

If you have a friend who is a big fan of kicking back with a glass of something, why not look to see if there is a pet-friendly equivalent out there for them to try. While there is a strict list of food and drink that dogs can never eat, there are plenty of fun substitutes that look like the real thing.

A bottle of pawsecco or pet wine could be a hilarious present for a birthday or a special anniversary. It could also make for some very funny photos if you have a group of humans with their glasses of tipple and the dog with theirs. Take a look to see what fun treats are out there now!

We love to spoil both our pets and ourselves, so it is fantastic to see such a range of fun treats available for them to try. If you are searching for something to give the pet lover in your life, you should look more towards the fun or jokey side of things. 

You could easily track down something that will make them roar with laughter, only for it to then take pride of place in their home for many years to come.

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