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Adopt Don’t Shop: Preparing for Your New Rescue Dog

Many people see shelter pets as ‘damaged goods’ and think that they aren’t suitable for life with a new family. While some rescue dogs would have had a bad past and others were given up due to bad behavior, every animal that ends up in a shelter deserves a second chance. Many shelter dogs are young and have ended up behind bars due to no fault of their own and those that had loving owners in the past would quickly and easily settle into a new home. If you have decided to do the right thing by adopting a pet, here is some advice on how to prepare your home and life for your new rescue dog.

The Benefits of Adoption

There are many benefits to the dog and owner when people choose to adopt not shop. Adoption is usually cheaper, as most shelter pets have been checked by a vet, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered before they get adopted. The owner will know what they are getting. If they adopt an adult dog, they know that their appearance won’t change much. The dogs are also heavily assessed before they are put up for adoption, so the owner will know what kind of personality and traits to expect from their new furry friend. You will also save a life when you choose to adopt from a shelter.

Learn Their Likes and Dislikes

Learning everything you need to know about your new rescue dog is essential before you bring them home. The staff at the shelter will have a deep understanding of your dog’s likes and dislikes, which is extremely useful when it comes to training and helping your dog settle in. For example, if your dog is motivated by praise, then this would be a great way to reward your pet for good behavior. If your new pup is protective over its food, then you should do research and get expert advice on how to fix this problem. Every dog is unique, so you should get as much information as possible from the shelter.

Understand Health Conditions

Not all rescue dogs come with pre-existing medical conditions, but if you are adopting a pup that has a health issue or they are a senior, then you need to make sure you are prepared for, and thoroughly understand what you need to do to keep them healthy. For example, if you are adopting an older dog, you should start giving them joint supplements that contain green-lipped mussel for dogs, like Yumove, but what is green lipped mussel for dogs? Mussel for dogs is a pure ingredient that is high in omega-3 and has health-promoting powers. Joint supplements from YuMove are highly recommended by vets.

Prepare Their New Home

Once you know about your new pet’s likes and dislikes, and any medical conditions that could affect their behavior or mobility, the next step would be to prepare their new home for them. This includes stocking up on supplies. If your dog struggles to get around due to their age or medical diagnosis, then making sure the home is safe and that they have an easily accessible comfortable space is important. Creating a den for your dog can be done by setting up a good-sized crate in a quiet space. You should cover the crate with a blanket and fill it with soft bedding. Their toys and bowls should also be nearby. 

Arrange Socialization Classes

Arranging socialization classes for your new dog is essential, but you should allow them to settle in at home first. Even if your dog is well-socialized and good around new dogs and people, socialization classes are a great way to learn more about your new pet and improve their behavior further. It will also allow you to bond with your pup in a fun and safe environment. Once you start working with any dog, you need to start with how you mean to go on. You should be patient and consistent with their training, and you need to understand that any bad or unwanted behaviors won’t disappear overnight.

Ask for Help When Needed

Bringing a new pet home isn’t always easy and there will be times where you will feel stressed and overwhelmed. If you are rescuing a dog that has had a traumatic past, then you may need to work harder to help them feel more comfortable and confident around people and animals. Whatever issues you face, if you ever feel like you need help, then you should not be afraid to ask for it. It could be a professional or close friend. In time, you’ll find that whatever your adopted dog has gone through, the unconditional love and affection you’ll eventually receive will make all of the work worthwhile.

There is a lot of false information that surrounds shelter pets, so research is essential before you go out and buy a puppy from a breeder. Adopting a dog may not change the world, but you will change their world forever.

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