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Luxury Bean Bags For Dogs: A Buying Guide

A good bed is no less important for a dog’s well being than it is for a human’s. However, dog owners often wonder if buying some kind of special dog bed is really worth the investment. 

When a pet has so many other necessities like food, vet care, and toys, it may seem difficult to justify the cost of such an item. Nevertheless, we are going to provide you with plenty of valid reasons to splurge for this specific piece.

Modern bean bags for dogs have some essential features, that can level up significantly your doggie’s comfort:

  • Many of them are made in consideration of dog’s anatomy using the same high-quality natural and environmentally friendly materials as human mattresses do.
  • There are bean bags with internal elastic that provide orthopedic support for your pup. They are very comfortable and recommended for large breeds that have long bodies to ease the burden of their extra weight.
  • Exceptional bean bags for dogs are able to eliminate uncomfortable surfaces. It is even possible to find models that can relieve the aches and pains of older dogs in their joints, backs and hips.
  • The versatility of the luxury models allows them to be used indoors or outdoors.

In this blog post, we will outline the superb characteristics of contemporary bean bags for dogs and help you in choosing the truly luxury bed for your doggie.

The Shape Of The Bed: Circular To Repeat The Dog’s Natural Forms

There are pieces of evidence that dogs prefer to sleep in circles, which you can confirm simply by observing your dog while they sleep. 

It is because a dog’s body is different from a human’s or another animal’s. Dogs are very comfortable curled up in a ball when they sleep due to their unique shape.

As a result, sophisticated manufacturers design their luxurious dog beds in a circular shape. Dogs will be able to enjoy the most comfortable bed possible through this natural shape.

The Filler: Structured Elastics

Blankets, mats and foam bean bags are widely used, however, the most luxurious pet loungers contain an internal elastic. Similar to humans mattresses, a structured bean bag will provide a dog with whole-body support.

Additionally, the outer walls that appear when the dog sinks down into the soft surface of the bed help to relax and feel secure.

Internal elastic reinforces a large breed dog’s body structure and helps it distribute and maintain its weight, providing the proper support.

Furthermore, several manufacturers states that dogs that experience pain, discomfort, or stress can also benefit from their bean bags, as they are healing. They can help if the dog has swelling or problems with heatstroke, hip dysplasia, or skin disorders.

Functionality: indoors & outdoors

There are multi functional bean bags, that can save your budget because intended for both indoor and outdoor exploitation. 

You won’t need to buy two separate beds if your dog is sometimes sleeping in the backyards or balcony, and sometimes in the house.

Such bean bags usually consist of two pieces — a base, which is waterproof and durable, and a cosy soft cover. You can put the cover on and off when taking the dog bed out and back.

Best bean bags are made of high-quality textile that is easy to take care of. Even those covers made from faux fur are usually machine washed or can be vacuumed. Bases are washed with lukewarm water.   

Bed Size: Matches The Dog Size

When choosing the right bed size for your dog, this scale from Ambient Lounge® can be very useful.

dog bed size
Size of the bed depending on the dog size

Large breed dogs should sleep on L or even XXL beds. Only when the bed fits the dog, the proper level of comfort can be achieved. 

Otherwise, the doggie will feel like you do when you wear shoes too small. Similarly, medium and small dogs should sleep on beds fitting their sizes. That will ensure their healthy sleep.  

4 Main Benefits Of Luxury Bean Bags For Dogs

 To summarize the above, the nuts and bolts of luxury bean bags for dogs are:

  • The proper shape that repeats the natural body form of the dog;
  • The structured internal elastic;
  • Versatility;
  • Matching size.

These are the four major characteristics of luxury bean bags for dogs that will boost the quality of your fluffy sleep.

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