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WOpet Boost Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder – A Complete Review

An automatic pet feeder is great for pet owners who travel a lot. They ensure your pet has food even when you are not around. If you are considering buying an automatic feeder for your cat or dog, consider the WOpet Boost Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder.

This pet feeder is large enough to hold more food. It has programmable features that you can set to dispense pet food 4 times a day. In this review, we will evaluate the outstanding features of this pet feeder to help you decide if it is right for you.


There are a lot of impressive features you will like about this pet feeder. Not only is it well-designed, durable but also reliable. Here are more features.

LCD Screen

The main compartment of this pet feeder features an LCD screen that enables to set the time and the size up to four meals daily. Depending on the size of your pet, you can choose to dispense the right amount of food.

Programming a certain amount of food for every automatic feeding helps you develop a regular eating routine for your pet without issues.

Voice Recording Capability

Another great feature of this pet feeder is the voice recording capability that enables you to call your pet anytime to eat a meal. If you play the recorded messages, then your pet will easily get used to the feeder. It is also designed with an angled food chute that dispenses smooth feedings.

Dual Power Supply

This feeder allows you to operate it with three batteries or through a power adapter. However, the batteries are not included. You can use the batteries in case there is a power cut-off.

Large Capacity and Portion Wheel

This is a large capacity pet feeder that can hold up to 7 liter of food. It features 4 automated feeding per day that you can choose from.

The feeder also features a long-lasting portion wheel that helps you to measure precise amounts of food for consistent meals daily.

Easy Cleaning

Keeping your pet’s items hygienic is essential for their overall health. It is easy to clean this pet feeder because the parts are removable and dishwasher safe. You can also choose to wipe it clean with a damp cloth. 

However, do not soak the food container in water because it contains electrical components that can get damaged.

Anti-Blocking Design

The feeder is designed with a quality top lock design that ensures there are no food sprinkles. You will also avoid stuck food because it has a nice structure and beveled design in the food outlet.

Sleek Design

We cannot forget to mention the sleek and modern design of this pet feeder. It has a nice black and white color theme. It has two portion wheels that measure the amount of food you need to dispense.

The main compartment has a solid lid that is easy to open with just a push of a button. The food container makes it easy to see the amount of food remaining all the time. The base of this feeder sits on a detachable feeding tray.

Additionally, this pet feeder is lightweight and features sturdy construction, so it will not tip over.

wopet automatic pet feeder review


  • The feeder is well designed, and it is user-friendly
  • It works well, and it is raccoon-proof
  • Great feeder for feeding aggressive cats
  • Reliable pet feeder that is easy to program
  • Good capacity suitable for two adults cats
  • The pet feeder is easy to program and reliable
  • It is easy to clean


  • The speaker is too quiet
  • It feels unstable for dogs
  • The feeder is too shallow

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can you tell when this pet feeder is empty?

Answer: You can easily check the amount of food in the feeder through the food container. I have three cats, and I feel it once a week. I usually don’t let it go empty completely.

Question: Can this pet feeder work for several days?

Answer: This is the best pet feeder I have ever used. It does work for several days. I have programmed it to feed my cat twice daily, and it dispenses the right amount of food every day. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about my cats when I’m away with this WOpet feeder.

Question: Can I use the feeder outdoors?

Answer: This pet feeder is only suitable for outdoor use.

Question: How long do the batteries of this unit last?

Answer: I mostly use the feeder plugged and the battery as backup. According to the instructions given, the batteries can last for up to a year. This is the best feeder because you don’t have to rush home to feed your cat or dog.

Question: Does this pet feeder has a video camera?

Answer: This model doesn’t have a video camera. However, it has an attached microphone that allows you to leave a message for your pet, but it produces a distorted message.

Question: Can I change the time from 12 hour to 24 hour system?

Answer: WOpet feeders only use the 24 hour clock system. So, you cannot change it.

Question: Is this feeder big enough to feed my 80 pound German shepherd?

Answer: This feeder can dispense four meals a day. The maximum portion for every meal is 9 with 10 grams which might not be enough for your German Shephard.

Question: How many feeding cycles does this pet feeder has?

Answer: The pet feeder has 4 meals cycles daily with 9 portions per meal.

Final Words

Provide an interesting life for you and your pet with the WOpet automatic pet feeder. It can feed your cat or dog up to 4 meals a day, and you can adjust the meal portions to suit your pet’s needs.

This feeder helps you develop a consistent feeding routine for your pet, and its large capacity can hold more food. I hope after going through the detailed reviews, you understand the top features of this pet feeder.

Watch Video To Know How to maintain a regular feeding schedule Using the feeder:

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