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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space for Kids and Dogs

If you want to create an environment that’s truly family-friendly, it’s essential to provide facilities aimed at kids and dogs, as well as grown-ups. For dog owners, their canine companion is a part of the family, which means they’re part of the gang when it comes to excursions, vacations and even shopping trips.

Whether you’re landscaping an apartment complex, adding outdoor features to a community park or overhauling your own land, there are numerous ways to ensure your new environment appeals to youngsters – both two and four-legged!

To start designing the ultimate family-friendly area, take a look at these top tips for creating the perfect outdoor space for kids and dogs:

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1. Build a Playground

A playground is a fantastic way to ensure kids of all ages can have a great time. From swings and slides to mazes and jungle gyms, there are endless pieces of equipment to choose from. 

As well as giving kids a place to exercise and entertain themselves, a playground also plays a crucial role in helping children to develop their physical strength, coordination and balance.

However, it’s important to ensure that your playground is designed and constructed in accordance with relevant safety regulations. 

With pour in place surfacing from Robertson Recreational Surfaces, for example, you can ensure your playground surfacing meets ASTM requirements. 

What’s more – Robertson Recreational Surfaces makes it easy to create vibrant flooring for your playground, with numerous colors, designs and patterns to choose from.

2. Fence in a Doggy Play Area

As well as giving kids a great play area to enjoy, you’ll want to ensure your family-friendly space has a dedicated area for dogs too. You can even use Pup Turf to reduce maintenance and give dogs a safe, natural feeling space that will look great all year round.

A fenced in area can be the ideal location for families to let their dogs off the leash, so do make sure your fencing is up to the task. Larger dogs can easily clear 4 feet, so you’ll want to opt for fencing that’s at least 5 or 6 feet high to keep it safe for everyone.

3. Incorporate Seating

Now that you’ve got the kids and dogs covered, it’s time to factor in the parents! While younger (and furrier!) members of the family may want to spend their time running around and expending their energy, chances are, their parents will be grateful for a comfortable place to relax and put their feet up. 

With outdoor seating, you can increase the length of time that people stay in the area, which means it’s ideal for venues with cafes, gift shops or attractions.

Designing Family-Friendly Spaces

With so many indoor venues closed or restricting their numbers due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, now is the perfect time to revamp your outdoor facilities. 

By doing so, you can provide essential spaces for families to enjoy. Furthermore, having safe outdoor attractions can increase footfall and attract more people to your site, park, premises or complex.

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