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Furbo Dog Camera Reviews : Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi

The Furbo (001-01WHTOA-1) dog camera is an extraordinary piece of innovation. This treat tossing dog camera makes it easy for you to keep your pet entertained and free from boredom while you are away. Considering that most homeowners spend a lot of weekday hours away from home, a device like this can help them take better care of their pets from a distance and still do it well. The camera can also help you keep an eye on a stubborn dog that may like to cause wanton mayhem when there is no one watching. This is one of the best Furbo dog camera reviews.

Features of Furbo Dog Camera :

Impressive 1080p Resolution Camera

The camera part is highly innovative, which makes it a great source of security enhancement. The quality of this camera enhances its effectiveness and makes things easier and more convenient for you. It boasts a resolution of 1080p, hence gives you more vivid coverages of what is going on back at home when you are not around. The camera also has a night vision and two-way audio. Therefore, it provides you with remote cutesy pet communication.

Fun Treat-Tossing

The treat tossing feature makes it even more exciting. Fill it with the dog’s favorite treat and toss the food to the animal through the free Furbo app right on your phone. You can keep your pet hanging around the camera more often than not with this feature. The camera can toss a treat to the dog, and once the pet realizes it, it would be hanging around the camera more. This way, it helps you keep an eye on the animal more and better.

Easy to Set Up

This camera provides easy three-step setup. You plug it into a power outlet using the USB cord provided then wait for the status light to turn green. When that is done, you download the Furbo app. Finally, you connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Setup is as simple as that, and when you are done with connecting it to the Wi-Fi, you will be good to go. You can turn on the Wi-Fi before you download the app so that you use it for the download. Use the instructions or guidance provided by the manufacturer to help you complete the set up on your own.

Adjustable Barking Alert

This is one of the coolest features of this camera. You can know what is going on back at home when you hear your dog bark. But how does it work? There is a bark alert that notifies you whenever your dog barks for whatever reason. The camera sends push notifications to your Android phone when it detects barking. Dogs usually bark when there is something wrong, such as when there is an intruder, or when there is a gas leak or fire. That is why this feature is essential. You can speak to the dog through your smartphone to calm it down, thanks to the two-way audio system.

160-Degree Wide-Angle View

The angle of coverage is wide enough to help you keep watch of most parts of your home. If you place the camera at a strategic point, it will provide you with a view wide enough to help you keep an eye on most things and your pet back at home from wherever you may be. You should place it at a position where it is more likely to spot what is essential, whether to your home security or safety of your dog. The good news is that it protects your data using the secure 2048-bit RSA private-key encryption.

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera


  • The Furbo app comes with a training video to help you teach the dog how to respond to the camera
  • Great video quality
  • The camera is attractive and durable
  • Reliable treat dispensing
  • Event-triggered cloud recording
  • Real-time smart alerts


  • The camera is non-adjustable
  • Low-quality speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Can soft potato treats or dog biscuits fit in the camera? Can they be dispensed?

They may not fit. You need to be accurate with the size of a treat because larger ones may not be dispensed.

Is it safe to put anywhere in my home?

It may not be safe for kids since it has small parts. You should put it out of reach for children and pups too. The 160-degree wide-angle view makes it possible for you to have a perfect look even when you put it out of reach of the dog.

What do the changing colors on the LED light indicate?

When the status light situated at the bottom turns yellow, it means standby; blue means it is in use; purple means the Wi-Fi connection has been cut off.

Can I use this with cats?

Yes, you can. Cats would also love treats being tossed at them. However, there are some things that dogs can do, but cats cannot.

Can I turn off the camera entirely? If yes, how do I do it?

Yes, you can. You have to go to Furbo settings to turn to do it.

What happens when my dog knocks it over when it hears my voice or when it becomes impatient for more treats? Will it break? Will the treat spill?

None of the above will happen if the dog knocks the camera unit over. It will not break since this camera is quite sturdy and made to last. Likewise, the treats will not spill over, thanks to the bamboo top, which is spill-proof.

Final Verdict

Among the many Furbo dog camera reviews that you may find, this one will give you a clearer picture of this product. As you will notice, when you finally own this camera, it easily blends in with most, if not all, modern home decors. Also, its design makes it easy for you to find a place to put it. You can place it on a shelf, and it will blend into the entire room. Besides, this camera is easy to set up and would not necessarily require the help pf a tech expert.

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