How To Entertain An Old Cat

Cats are naturally known to be playful. However, when they get old, they begin to walk and jump slowly. This should not worry you because there are better ways on how to entertain an old cat. Taking care of the mental and physical health of your cat at an old age is essential so that they can remain active.

I have prepared some tips that will help you entertain your old you go

Paper bags

Paper bags are good to play buddies for your cat. This is because of their ability to produce sounds and can easily alter their shapes when touched. This will be engaging, and it gives the cat a playing buddy. To entertain your cat, you can leave a few paper bags on the floor and allow your cat to play with them.

The cat can will make holes on the paper bags, make in and out movement. Just remember to remove any handle that can chock the cat during its playtime.

Veterinary care

Some health conditions may alter your cat's health status and the cat's ability to play, especially if the cat is enduring some specific form of pain. Here you can always take advice from the Vet on the appropriate exercise for your cat, especially if the cat has prolonged health challenges. Regularly visit a vet to keep the cat healthier.

Cardboard boxes

Cats love playing with cardboard. This is because it easily allows good in and out the movement of the cat. Card boards give your cat an easy time. It's a good playing toy for your cat. For the cardboard of easily destructed, you can quickly replace it since it's cheap too and faster to obtain it.

Hiding the food

You can hide the food and let your cat go and find it; this will keep your cat in action. It can be fun and should not be much engaging. After this, you can allow them to nap, especially at this age. They should be napping more.

Monitor your cat's food intake and water as well. Let your cat drink water since most orderly cats tend to develop kidney problems. Drinking lots of water can significantly save them from having health challenges. if possible manage a cat water fountain, so that your cat drink water whenever he wants .Since we don't stay home all the time so its can reduce your stress also.

Buying new toys for your cat

Old cats tend to get bored quickly by toys. To keep them active and happy, you can at least change their toys at least once per week. You can get your cat toys that resemble prey like rodents, and you can allow your cat to go fetch them. During their movement, this will make the cat's mind and body active. Make sure you remove all toys that they can chew or easy to swallow to keep your cat safe.

Create an everyday play session with your cat

You need to have a good time with your cat; be very gentle while you give it a tender touch on its body. This will make the cat happy, especially now that its old and its movements are reducing. Remember, you should allow the cat to maintain proper physical ability even as you are handling it.

As you stay with your old cat, you will probably notice it doesn't clean itself properly, and it's becoming a challenge, here you can help the cat by cleaning its anus, eyes, and the nose. This will make the clean, and it will smell good.

Give your cat treats

Cat loves treats so much. Make sure you are not overfeeding them; they will be pleased. Give them less often, and don't include human food.


You can make your cat live longer if you treat them right. Learn how to keep your cat more happy and healthy by giving the right attention, entertainment depending on its age. Whatever form of entertainment you choose for your cat, remember the key is the cat healthy and happy. As the cats get older, they tend to slow down in their activities and also in the movements. It will be your responsibility the cat does the right activities. Lastly, make sure you check the safety of your cat's safety always.

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