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Dry Food Vs. Wet Food: Which One Is Better for Your Cat?

A completely healthy diet keeps your cat filled with every required nutrient and is proved to play a significant part in your cat’s well-being. Finding the best cat food depends upon which food your cat is used to habitually. Usually, these depending diets are responsible for the evolution and varying habits of your cat. 

You know about the age and health of your cat better than anyone else, and therefore the responsibility comes down to you. However, keeping track of which type of food you should feed your cat is also important here. Whether you go with dry food or wet food or perhaps a combination, all carry different aspects. Let’s discuss it in detail.

It’s also said that preservatives in dry foods are not good for cats, but it has not been proven scientifically. Whether the preservatives are natural (such as vitamin C) or artificial (like BHA or ethoxyquin), manufacturers are moving away from safety issues and market demand).

On the contrary, there would be much harm without preservatives. Leaving the food in open-air open resulting from faster rancidity can make your cat sick. Cat owners should use airtight containers to store the food.

Wet or Dry Food: Which food is better?

Before you determine the best cat food for your kitty, know the proper specifications of these diets to keep your pet healthy. At the same time, wet food has a durable shell life because of sterilization at high temperatures, and dry diets do not perform well as they are opened. You can find many textures included with wet diets, such as loaf, jelly, and many more. 

While in dry diets, it is usually presented in a baked or extruded form and isn’t much adaptable. You should also note that getting your cat familiar with either of these diets can be difficult at first. But with dry diets, you have the upper hand in preparing it in a much more interactive way for your cat.

Wet Food Benefits

Throughout the years, cats have evolved a lot from their geographical aspects to their natural response to diets. A typical species from the cat family holds a moisture content of less than 60% in their body. Furthermore, it has also been suggested that it’d be more appropriate if the cat consumes wet food more. 

This composition will allow more water to be provided for their body necessities and prevent diseases and dehydration. Following are some main benefits of wet food.

Experts and vets recommend brands like Science Diet, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, and Eukanuba. If someone finds these brands expensive, they can try any Purina lines, such as Purina One or Purina Cat Chow.

Healthy Weight Stability

Water doesn’t hold any calories and can only do so much to provide a healthy weight. While wet foods are less effective in providing calories than dry foods, they balance some weight benefits for the cat.

Urinary Health

Perhaps the most common problems cats face nowadays are urinary problems. These wet foods are beneficial in promoting more diluted urine that can help lower bladder inflammation. This set of proteins will keep them healthy and hydrated as well.

Constipation and Dehydration

Cats face these digestive issues a lot, and it is becoming a major risking factor while consuming anything. These adequate nutrients are why wet food works so well in this aspect.

Dry Food Benefits

Perhaps the significant benefit that dry foods bring to cats is the ease in consumption. While on the other hand, they provide more convenience and fewer expenses for the owner. A majority of the cats in the world consume dry food, whether solely or in combination with healthy lifestyles. 

This food allows them free feeding and is durable for long periods. Furthermore, many cats like to stare at their food before eating them, and these long durations help very well. It keeps the interest of the cat going until they are fully prepared for their meal.

Another principle for small cats is that dry food is simpler to use with dispenser toys. Cats find mental stimulation and environmental excitement with these toys and love them a lot. 

A majority of dry food will be resulting in giving your cat more dental benefits than slowing down the accumulation of plague. With all these benefits, it is more common among cats than wet foods. However, you should also note that this food gives many benefits to the owner.

Can only dry food or just wet food harm your cat?

dry food vs wet food for cats

Many cat owners only feed their cats with dry food. But according to experts, “Dry food is fine as long as it is complete and balanced. “Cats that only eat dry food also need to be provided with lots of freshwaters because they can easily get their urinary tract blocked. 

While Wet foods contain all the nutrients plus moisture and help ensure that your cat gets enough water. It should drink a lot of freshwater every day, but wet food can also help to fulfill the need.


Both wet and dry diets have their benefits and defects. Wet food costs more expenses and is complex to use; on the other hand, it is also healthy for cats and their internal organs. Reducing the chances of bladder, kidney, or similar diseases also keeps the cat hydrated and healthy with weight. However, when looking for the best cat food, you also have Dry diets in choice. 

These are more efficient in providing calories and easy to use for cats with prolonged expiry timings. To pick the most effective and best cat food for your cat, you need to appropriately analyze your cat’s needs. One more thing you can do when you are away is installing automatic feeder and water dispensers. You should research everything about your cat and buy their diet accordingly. It is the best way to minimize the cons and maximize the pros of your preferred diet.

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