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10 Best Life Jackets For Cats – Review & Buying Guide

Why do cats hate water yet they are so clean? 

We should do away with the mentality that cats don’t like water. Some love water while others don’t like water. The fact is that cats have been known to sail for the past centuries. Why then should they be afraid of water?

Just loosen up and go for a kayaking trip with your adorable pet. All you need to do is to get the best life jackets for cats. It will ensure that the can doesn’t drown in case it jumps off the boat or kayak.

Having a life jacket for your cat will give you the confidence to have a cat on board. To be honest, there are no specific life jacket models, specially designed for the cats. You will realize that most of them are labeled for “pets”. It will take you forever to get one in case you go looking for the specific cat life jacket model. Most are generally designed for pets or dogs. However, some types can be ideal for cats. Let’s look at the best models for your cats.

Best Life Jackets for Cats Comparison table

Image Product Details   Price
backpac SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest The product has an outstanding design Check Price
backpac HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Comes with a large handle for rescuing purpose Check Price
cordlessblower Hurtta dog life jacketBlower The life jacket is lightweight Check Price
cordlessblower Alcott Mariner Life Jacket The life jacket has a perfect construction Check Price
cordlessblower Kurgo dog life jacket It includes a lifetime warranty Check Price
cordlessblower VivaGlory Dog Life Jacket Available in a variety of sizes and colors Check Price
cordlessblower GabeFish Dog Life Jacket It is ideal for pet swimming or surfing Check Price
cordlessblower VivaGlory Dog Life Jacket Reviews It comes with a leash attachment point Check Price
cordlessblower VivaGlory Dog Life Jackets with Extra Padding Pet Safety You can adjust the size to fit your cat Check Price
cordlessblower He&Ha Pet Dog Life Jacket It has multi-reflective colors Check Price

14 Best Cat Life Jacket Reviews in 2022

Unlike dogs, cats hate traveling. Good luck if you managed to sedate your cat to travel. The next thing that you need to do is to take your cat on a boat ride. To ensure that your pet is safe, get any of the following life jackets for cats.

SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest

In case you are looking for the best life vest for cats, this might be a great match for you.

When it comes to choosing a cat’s life jacket, you must focus on the design and features. That will help you get a model that won’t have any negative effects on your cat. The best thing is that you get a great design and incredible features from this model. You will get the best fit for your cat depending on size; small, medium, large, name them all. The first thing that will attract you to this life vest is its structure.

The design incorporates a dorsal fin-like attachment. That’s the first thing you notice immediately you see this product. I mean, it is unique in its way. You will have an assurance that the vest will last for a long period. Do you know why? It is made from high-quality material that can withstand any rough usage. It also allows you to put a GPS tracker for the jumpy cats. For those who want to train their cats swimming, this might be the best product to use. The Great thing about the vest is that the cat will be safe while having fun.


  • The product has an outstanding design
  • Its straps help to securely fit in the cat in the vest
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • This life vest will last for a long period
  • It includes a grab handle and life vest


  • Absence of color variety
  • It is great just on calm waters

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket

Having a variety of colors to choose from is quite incredible. Do you want your cat to be in blue, red, yellow, and many other colors?

Well, in the Haocoo brand is the place to be. You get this life jacket in a variety of colors and 3 sizes depending on your preference. It has a shark-like design containing a shark fin. As if that is not enough, the jacket also has a tail. I mean, it is just a wholesome of awesomeness. You will not have trouble fitting your cat in the jacket. If you want to put it off the cat, you will also do that easily.

The product will come with a large handle. Therefore, if you want to remove the cat out of the water you just need to grab the handle and pull it out. Your cat will use this jacket for a long time without its quality depreciating. We can say, thanks to its high-quality nylon and polyester material that enhance durability. The material design also allows the jacket to dry out very fast. For the cat’s comfort, this product has a fast-release buckle and regulate able belt. Your cat’s head will be always on top of the water with the help of the front floats in the jacket.


  • Its price is user-friendly
  • You can get it on or off easily
  • Comes with a large handle for rescuing purpose
  • The design is appealing
  • The life jacket is highly durable


  • Absence of a variety of sizes
  • Less ideal for small cats

Hurtta dog life jacket

Do you need to train your kitty how to swim? Then, you have to get the proper necessities for the cat’s safety. This comes in handy with getting the best Cat Life Jacket.

You will never go wrong with the Hurtta Life Savior PDF, dog life jacket. To begin with, you can get it in 3 colors; orange, purple, and yellow. Therefore, if you are a color lover, you have a variety to choose from. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you have a kitten or a mature cat. You will access the best size according to your cat’s weight. A size range that can fit cats and pets up to 160 pounds.

This product has wonderful and is lightweight. Therefore, your cat will be comfortable moving around with the life jacket on. The design enables the cat to swim when the head is out of the water. This allows the dog to float and have no chances of drowning. The package will also come with a handle. The handle ensures that you reach the cat quickly in case it jumps in the water. If you value your cat’s life so much, this is the product that you should get. You can go hunting, kayaking, and swimming with your cat beside you.


  • The life jacket is lightweight
  • It has a strong rescue handle
  • Its design ensures comfort during movement
  • The product is great for swimming
  • It is accessible in a variety of sizes


  • It is relatively expensive
  • The colors could be more

Alcott Mariner Life Jacket

The Alcott mariner life jacket has all the features you need to keep your cat safe and sound in water. When your cat drowns, it can be very disturbing. That is why you need this life jacket.

It will make your cat have great flotation on water. In case you need a companion during boat rides, swimming, and kayaking, you can take your pet with you. The best thing is that you will not worry even if you are in high water. Your cat can jump off and still manage to swim through to where you are with its head out of the water.

For occasional and regular life jacket users, this is a great model for your cat. It is a great investment to make for your precious pet. When it comes to the construction, you can trust on the life jacket for rough handling. It will not break easily due to the sturdy construction. The stitched are well made for the overall durability of the life jacket. The product comes with sufficient buckles and straps. You use them to make sure that the jacket is well fastened on your pet. You can also make slight size adjustment using the straps and the buckles. Let your cat enjoy a great time swimming.


  • The life jacket has a perfect construction
  • It has an effective rescue handle
  • Its flotation capabilities are amazing
  • The jacket dries quickly
  • The belly part is comfortable for the pet


  • Be cautious when making size selection
  • Absence of a D-ring for leash attachment

Kurgo dog life jacket

You don’t have to stress yourself out so much when this life jacket model is available in the market. The Kurgo dog water life jacket is suitable for most pets especially dogs and cats.

You will have to invest in quite a lot of cash to get the jacket. However, it will offer you great performance. It even makes you forget its high cost. The life jacket comes on a classic design. It features a bright red color to ensure that your cat is visible while in water. The comfort of the vest on your pet is incredible.

One of the most amazing things about this life jacket is its versatility. Besides its flotation purpose, it has many more incredible features. Your cat can use it as a raincoat during rainy seasons. During snowy seasons, just remove the inflatable liner and your cat is good to go. For the summer season, remove the inflatable liner and the padded layer. Well having the jacket for 4 purposes is quite worthwhile. From the jacket, you get two handles. This will make rescuing your cat easier and quicker. One thing you have to consider is when using it on small cats. It will work well for all the other functions but fails on the flotation one.


  • The life jacket is highly versatile
  • It includes a lifetime warranty
  • You can change it to a coat
  • It comes with two rescuing handles
  • Its bright red color enhances visibility


  • It is a bit heavy
  • It’s very costly
  • No floatation for small pets

VivaGlory Dog Life Jacket

For the cat owners looking for a cheaper life jacket for cats, we have good news for you. The VivaGlory dog life jacket is the perfect choice for you. You will get the jacket at a cheap price and incredible. However, there is one issue with the life jacket.

Its durability seems to be a bit low. The stitches seem to be quite loose. Therefore, the jacket can get damaged easily. In case you intend to use it regularly on your cat, you might be forced to look elsewhere. For occasional users, it will handle such usage.

The best thing about this life jacket is that it is accessible in a handful of colors and sizes. Some of the colors include different shades of pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange.

The sizes range from extra-large to extra-small. Therefore, you select the size that best fits your cat and the color depending on preference. The weight is not too heavy for your cat.

That will enhance free movement. For leash attachment, the life jacket comes with a D-ring. If the pet has the jacket off waters, you just need to attach the leash and hold it. You also get one rescue handle. You can easily attach the handle at the boat hook.


  • The jacket comes at a cheaper price 
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • It is easy to put on the jacket
  • Ensures easy and free movement
  • You can attach a leash at its D-ring


  • It has Loose fastener attachment
  • The stitches are no well made

GabeFish Dog Life Jacket

There is nothing more incredible than getting a product that you don’t have to limit yourself in color. For the pet lovers, all they want is to get their buddies a product that will look charming on them. Besides the design of a product, the color also adds up to the appearance of the dog or cat. The same case applies to life jackets.

As much as their main purpose is for safety in the water, most people also want them for the general appearance of their pets. The GabeFish dog life jacket will give your pet an adorable look. The great thing about it is that it is also perfect for cats.

The jacket comprises a thick padded material for flotation purposes. Therefore, enjoy your surfing, swimming, or boat ride experience with your cat right beside you. In case it jumps off, it will just float on the water. This life jacket has features that make putting on and off a straightforward task. Our cat will enjoy having it on. All the accessible colors are bright to enhance visibility and locating your cat in water. You can access the life jacket in 7 sizes depending on your pet’s weight.


  • The thick padded material enhances flotation
  • You get the product in a variety of colors
  • There are 7 sizes available
  • It is ideal for pet swimming or surfing
  • The life jacket’s bright colors enhance visibility


  • The handle breaks off after a short period
  • Be cautious about the sizes. Measure the cat to know the best fit

VivaGlory Dog Life Jacket Reviews

You will never get enough of the VivaGlory brand products. They possess great features that ensure that your pet looks great and is amazing. You don’t have to restrict your cat around waters when VivaGlory is around.

This specific life jacket model has a great and likable design. You can see the location of your cat while swimming even in dark condition. Thanks to its bright colors. Just as its name indicates, the life jacket constitutes of neoprene fabric. The material is of high-quality to ensure that the product is durable. Each component in the jacket is well constructed to prevent easy breakage.

The cat will move freely with the help of the buoyancy characteristic. To add more comfort when the cat is wearing it is the non-bulky nature. The jacket features a floatation layer that ensures that your pet does not drown. If you have not trained your cat swimming, it’s time you do that. It also has a rescue handle. That will help you reach your cat easily and fast. You will also get a point to attach the leash when you are off waters. The product is quite affordable. We can say that it is a great price for the incredible features.


  • It comes with a leash attachment point
  • The life jacket is quite affordable
  • Its overall design is classic
  • This product is available in different sizes
  • It is friendly to the pet’s skin


  • The inaccuracy of the size chart. You may get the wrong size
  • Some stitches on the jacket are loosely sewed

VivaGlory Dog Life Jackets with Extra Padding Pet Safety

Here does VivaGlory again. If you don’t want disappointments with life jackets, you can trust on VivaGlory’s models. Great feature, check. Great price, check. What more could you ask for?

One of its amazing features is the neck structure. I mean, your cat will be comfortable swimming head’s up. The neck design is a kind of support for the pet’s neck while swimming. What differentiates this product from other VivaGlory models is the extra padding. What comes into your mind when you here a jacket is extra padded? Well, it implies that the jacket has great buoyancy and floatation characteristic. Therefore, there are no chances that the cat will drown.

To ensure that your cat fits well in the jacket, you have to take the chest and neck measurements. However, the life jacket allows a bit of adjustment. The features that enhance adjustability are the neck fastening technique, quick release buckle, and adjustable straps. In case the cat doesn’t fit perfectly, just use these components. The life jacket is made from high-quality 600D Oxford cloth. It is not water-resistant but very durable. The product comes in 9 colors some of which are reflective for visibility purposes. This is a perfect life jacket to ensure your cat’s safety.


  • It has extra padding for enhanced floatation
  • You can adjust the size to fit your cat
  • The construction is very sturdy
  • The jacket is made from high-quality material
  • It comes in 9 different colors


  • The neck support is too big
  • This life jacket is Less ideal for small pets

He&Ha Pet Dog Life Jacket

Getting the best life jacket for your cat will ensure that it has a fantastic experience while swimming. He&Ha pet dog life jacket will ensure that your cat is always safe while in water.

If you think of summer boat riding and kayaking with your pet, the jacket will work perfectly for you. The main purpose of the jacket is to offer flotation. It comes with stitched cell foams that are the key players in your cat’s flotation. The bottom part of it also has panel foams for more enhanced flotation. In that way, your pet will not turn upside down while in water.

When the cat has this life jacket on, its head will always be above the water. This is possible through the help of a float located at the under-chin. The life jacket also features a handle for rescuing purposes. You will reach your cat quickly by holding the handle. You can access the life jacket in multi-colors. The sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. Its design is just likable. The life jacket comes with a D-ring. If you are off the water, just attach a leash and hold your pet. The underbelly is made with breathable mesh to make the jacket dry out quickly


  • The jacket dries out very fast
  • You can attach a leash at the D-ring
  • The life jacket is available in many sizes
  • Its construction is very sturdy
  • It has multi-reflective colors


  • It is Less suitable for extra big pets
  • The Handle can break if used on big dogs

Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

A quality and appealing life jacket are worth investing in. Remember that great quality life jackets don’t come easily. You have to dig down in your pocket to get one.

However, you will realize that such expensive life jackets are worth the cost. The outward hound Dawson dog life jacket is one of the high-quality life jackets. The first great impression you get from it is the classic design. You will know that it will keep the cat safe just at first sight. Its price might make you think to sway off and look for other models. However, before doing that, let’s see if its feature is worth the price.

It contains a couple of unbreakable rescue handle. They are thick and strong to ensure that you reach your cat easily. Its overall design makes your pet feel comfortable when wearing it. It consists of straps and buckles to make fastening to the cat easy and fast. Therefore, putting on and off the jacket on your cat is a straightforward task. The life jacket also features reflective strips. They will help you see the location of the pet even in dark conditions. It also has neck support to keep the cat’s head out of the water.


  • The cat is comfortable on the jacket
  • The jacket has reflective strips for easy visibility during dark conditions
  • Its handles are thick and unbreakable
  • Its design is appealing to most users
  • This jacket is available in bright colors


  • You don’t get a leash attachment ring
  • The life jacket is relatively expensive

Paws aboard Dog Life Jacket

This is surely a great fit for your cat. You should not have any doubts about it. We bring life jackets that are high quality and best for the safety of your cat.

Sometimes staying indoors or having a walk with your cat can be boring. Why don’t you engage in more enjoyable activities like swimming, or surfing? The great thing is that you can engage in such activities with this life jacket. You will be sure that there will be no chance of your cat drowning. The unique feature of this life jacket is that it is water-resistant.

The life jacket is a product of reputable neoprene material. The material makes the jacket last for a very long time. You will get the life jacket in any size you want from extra small to extra-large. The sizes are guided by your cat’s weight, chest and neck measurements. The only downside about the life jacket is when used on small pets. It is quite heavy-weight which causes a problem in the movement of small pets. However, it is a great choice when it comes to medium-sized pets. Its handle is effective enough to help you rescue the cat in the fastest way possible


  • The life jacket is great for medium-sized pets
  • Its material is great for water resistance
  • It comes in a variety of sizes from XL to XS
  • This jacket offers the pet with a head support
  • You can adjust the size of the jacket


  • The buckles can break easily
  • Heavier for small pets

RUFFWEAR Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

Ruffwear float coat dog life jacket is a great product when you want to train a pet swimming in high waters. In case your dog or cat jumps off during a boat ride, it can swim with a lot of ease to where you are.

The quality is quite amazing. In case you have doubts about other brands, you should at least trust in the Ruffwear brand. You will have the guarantee that you are getting a great product in terms of quality, features, and performance. Getting the best fit for your pet will not be a hard task. It comes with an abundance of sizes ensuring that every customer gets a perfect size.

This life jacket is well-known for its durability. You will go for thousands of kayaking trips with your pet using this life jacket. I mean, no one wants to go to the market and spend money after a short period to purchase a life jacket. It is a great decision if you just buy a single expensive but durable life jacket. It consists of a handle that you can use to rescue your cat in case of an emergency. It has a LED for safety purposes. That makes it more outstanding than other life jacket models.


  • You can get the best fit for the pet easily
  • The cat can swim comfortably with the jacket
  • It is simple to put on and off the jacket
  • The jacket will last for a long time
  • You can add light attachments on the jacket


  • It is relatively expensive
  • It can tear when used on big pets

Outward Hound Stanley Sport Experienced Swimmer Life Jacket For Dogs

Just as the name suggests, this is a great life jacket for expert pet swimmers. The outward Hound Stanley sports life jacket is a product from ripstop material. The material is of high quality that enhances the jacket’s durability.

You can use this life jacket daily and the value and appearance with still be great each day. A cat that has more skills in swimming requires a bit of space for movement. You will get that great feature from this life jacket. Its structure is open to give your cat space for movement. Therefore your cat will engage all the skills they want in swimming.

What do you think of a life jacket with dual handles?

It’s incredible, right. Well, get this life jacket and you will experience that incredibility. Two-handle are enough for you to rescue the pet in case of an emergency. One amazing thing is that the handle is in two different positions. In that way, a person in the opposite direction can also use the handle to rescue your cat. The material is breathable that enhances quick drying. Removing and putting on the life jacket is very easy. The fast-release straps are the key players in ensuring easy putting on and off.


  • It has two handles in different directions
  • The ripstop material ensures durability
  • It is easy and fast to put on and off
  • The life jacket is great for expert swimmers
  • The open structure allows free movement of the pet


  • The size chart is not accurate
  • It has less flotation ability

Things to Consider Before Buying cat life jacket

Selecting a life jacket for cats can be a bit challenging. This is simply because there are no models specifically made for dogs. Therefore you have to look for the ones designed for pets in general. To be more specific, most that are available in the market are dogs specially made. However, some models can be great fits for cat pets. Now this drives you into looking into a lot to grab the best. Remember that some features may be great for dogs but not cats.

What then should you consider to get the jacket with the right features for a cat?


By now you know the purpose of handles in a life jacket. It doesn’t matter how well a life jacket looks like if there is no handle just leave it. You never know what can happen. A handle will help you rescue your pet very fast. A jacket without a handle will make it difficult for you to reach the cat. In most life jacket models, the handle position is between the shoulder parts of the jacket. Make sure that the handle is strong and is well attached to prevent breakage. Some life jacket models even have a dual handle which can be a great choice.


Cats are a bit smaller pets than dogs. Therefore you have to look into the size of the life jacket very carefully. You need a life jacket that fits perfectly with your cat. Therefore the jacket should not be loose at any part. However, it is not recommendable to get a jacket that is too tight. Just get a moderate size and that will be great on your cat. Most manufacturers provide a size chart to help you in selecting the size. However, some charts may not be accurate. This might lead to choosing the wrong size. You can opt to fit the jacket on the cat before purchasing it.


If you want your cat to have a great experience in the water, comfort is essential. The cat should enjoy having the life jacket on in the water or outside water. The weight of the life jacket will always determine whether it is comfy or not. Most lightweight life jackets are very comfortable. A small cat has it on and still feel great. Again if the jacket is too tight, the cat may not be comfortable moving around. It should also have a mesh underbelly design for fast drying. Your cat will feel comfortable when the jacket dries off fast after swimming.


Although it may look like a lame factor to consider, the color of the life jacket is very crucial. Just imagine if you are kayaking in dark conditions in high waters. All over sudden your cat jumps off and you find it hard to spot her. Well, it can be disturbing. That is where the color of the life jacket comes in. Choose a bright color that is highly visible even in dark conditions. To provide enhanced visibility, some models go a step ahead and provide reflective strips. Bright color, check. Reflective strips, check. Now that is the perfect life jacket.


A life jacket having straps has its advantage and disadvantage. Loose straps may cause a lot of harm to the cat since it can trip easily. That’s the bad side of having straps on a life jacket, in this case, loose strap. However, firmly attached straps are very helpful. They enhance easy putting on and off the life jacket. You can also adjust the fit of the life jacket using the straps. The straps should also include fast-release buckles in every end. You can use them to make an adjustment around the belly and chest for the life jacket to fit perfectly.

frequently ask question

What is the purpose of a cat life jacket?

Having your cat enjoy swimming and boat rides is a great way of relaxation. As much as your cat enjoys swimming, a life jacket is very useful. Its main purpose is to provide safety to your cat. A cat’s life jacket offers flotation capabilities that will ensure that your cat doesn’t drown. Whether your cat is an expert in swimming or not, a life jacket is a necessity. Especially if you are surfing, kayaking, or boat riding in high water, there are a lot of dangers if you have your cat aboard. If the cat has a life jacket on, it will just float and you can use a handle to rescue her.

Will my cat wear a life jacket?

Whether your cat will accept wearing the life jacket or not depends on some aspects. Some may not like it at all. If you want your cat to wear the life jacket, introduce it in bits. To begin with, you must have the perfect fit. If the cat doesn’t feel comfortable on the jacket, he/she will not like it. You have to ensure that the jackets fit the pet well. Also, let it wear the jacket on land before using it in water. In that way, the cat will get used to the jacket before swimming with it.

What should I know about the life jacket?

One of the main things that cause trouble in the life jacket is the handle. Make sure that you train on how to use the handle. It seems a bit lame but it can be a great deal when you try to rescue your cat in the ocean. Training how to use the handle will also help you know the weight of the cat. This will help you realize the effort to put in when pulling the cat. Also, familiarize yourself with the straps. Remember that loose straps may cause tripping. Therefore ensure that the straps are well fastened.

Is our dog vest great for cats?

You will rarely find any vest indicated that it’s for cats. It might stress you so much if go looking for a cat vest. In case your cat loves the water too much, the only option you have is getting a dog vest. Although the models are designed for dogs, most models are great for cats. All you need to do is ensure that you get a size that’s suitable for your cat. Your cat will always enjoy the comforts of a well-fitting dog vest. Dog vest works well to provide flotation for cats. Get one and see for yourself.

Final Words

They may be life jackets for dogs but will work miracles on your cat. Each of the life jackets we reviewed today is great when it comes to ensuring your cat’s safety in the water. They have amazing features that will ensure that your cat feels comfortable on then. Make sure that the life jacket fits well on the pet and you will all be set for the boat ride. Besides offering safety, your cat will also look adorable on the jacket. You have to try one of these jackets. Choose the one that warms your heart and you will enjoy its performance.

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