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Best Dog Bed for German Shepherd – Reviews and Guide

German shepherds are huge dogs, and most owners do not allow them to sleep on the bed or coaches. However, some people allow them to sleep on their beds or coaches when they are still puppies. The problem is, wait until the dog hits 80 pounds, you will realize that they need their bed. You need to get the best dog bed for German shepherd where he can rest his bones comfortably.

Like many large dogs, German shepherd can also experience joint problems, osteoarthritis, or hip problem, among other conditions. In such cases, you need to get an orthopedic dog bed to give them the comfort that they need. Our reviews today will help you select the right dog bed for your dog. We have also included a buying guide that will help you make the right choice.

Best Dog Bed for German shepherd Comparison Table

Image Product Weight Price
backpac Furhaven Pet Dog Bed 7.8 pounds Check Price
backpac Therapeutic Sofa-Style Traditional Living Room Couch Pet Bed 9 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower PLS Pet Paradise Orthopedic Pet Bed 6.61 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower 7-inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed 16.9 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed 14 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed 14.2 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed 22.8 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Coolaroo Deluxe Dog Bed 39 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Armarkat Pet Bed Mat 5.44 pounds Check Price
cordlessblower Furhaven Pet Dog Bed – Deluxe Therapeutic Traditional Mat Rectangular Step-On Foam Mattress Pet Bed 5 pounds Check Price

Top 10 Best Dog Bed for German shepherd Reviews

Apart from having a dog grooming table, you should also ensure that your dog has a comfortable bed. We dedicated our time to research, analysis, and testing to help you pick the right dog bed for German shepherds. Go through our reviews to pick the right one.

1. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

One of the finest beds for your German shepherd available in the market is the Furhaven Pet Dog bed. We recommend the product since it is a perfect cuddling companion for your pet. It features a three-bolster design that allows your pup to sleep in different positions and, at the same time, provide great cushioning. The sleeping surface has a plush faux fur, which is accompanied by silken suede bolsters. Your pet enjoys gentle cushioning on its paws and noses.

It has an egg-crate form as its base, helping to distribute body weight for better air circulation evenly. On top of that, this fluffy base provides great support for aching joints for elderly and disabled pets. Hygienically, the product is easy to clean, keeping your pet safe from pest and harmful debris.

The bed comes in variable colors such as espresso, clay, gray and deep pool as well as sizes where we have a small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus. You can be sure of the quality through a 90-day limited warranty.


  • You can easily clean the bed to keep it hygienically suitable for your pet.
  • It is available in great choices in terms of colors and size.
  • The egg-crate form base is easy on joints for elderly and ailing pets.
  • Pets enjoy a great cuddling surface with plush faux fur.


  • You may not use this product for pets with excessive tethering behavior.
  • Failure to clean it makes your pet smelly.
2. Therapeutic Sofa-Style Traditional Living Room Couch Pet Bed

Therapeutic Sofa-Style Traditional Living Room Couch Pet Bed

Made with a therapeutic touch, this pet dog bed is a great choice for you and your pet. The bed will blend with other furniture in your living room. This product provides perfect cuddling for your pet with a sufficient sleeping surface made from fluffy plush faux fur. Your pet’s back and hips are well cushioned together with other joints.

Depending on your preferred sizes, you get small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus with our recommended product being a jumbo size. For color choices, you have driftwood brown, dark stage, harbor blue, and smoke gray. Cleaning of the dog bed is also easy.


  • It gives you an easy time when cleaning.
  • Smooth blend with your home furniture.
  • It has a therapeutic touch that supports joints, back, and hips of your pet.
  • It is quality assured through a limited warranty.
  • Your pet enjoys a perfect cushioning and cuddling surface.


  • It is limited to pets without excess teething behavior.
  • Prone to keeping pests if not well cleaned.
3. PLS Pet Paradise Orthopedic Pet Bed

PLS Pet Paradise Orthopedic Pet Bed

Give your pet a paradise orthopedic feeling by securing this pet for it.it is a perfect dog bed for German shepherd, especially large dogs.

For any pet weighing up to 50lbs, this medium size bed measuring 27Wx35L is the right choice. It is great for other pets such as English bulldog, beagle, dachshund, Welsh corgi, and Boston terrier. The foam base is great in providing good cuddling and protective surface for your pet.

Both elderly and ailing pets are catered for by this product as it has the orthopedic touch, which soothes pressure on joints. Its general visual appeal is great due to the kernel fabric, brown suede, and golden corduroy. You can maintain hygienic conditions since it is easy to clean.


  • Has a luxurious look with fine finish.
  • Suitable for diverse pets.
  • Maintaining the bed clean is easy
  • It provides great cushioning and cuddling surfaces to elderly and ailing pets.


  • You have to iron the bed to remove lumps due to packaging.
  • Limited to single pet.
4. 7-inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

7-inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

With a 7-inch thick high-grade orthopedic memory foam, this product is one of the best dog beds for german shepherds in the market. This bed features a headrest for extra comfort. 

The memory form is made from hypo-allergenic premium material, giving it higher durability and comfort. If your pet is suffering from arthritis or joint and muscle issues, make sure to get it this bed.

Its interior cover is double-layered, and the fabric is waterproof with a soft, plush suede finish. You enjoy an extra waterproof liner when you purchase this jumbo XL bed for your large dogs. Its cover is easy to remove and wash through a quality zipper.


  • Great cushioning for pets suffering from arthritis, joint and muscle issues.
  • Comes with superior memory foam for durability.
  • When cleaning, you can easily remove the top cover.
  • It has waterproof properties with free liner for the same included in the package.
  • The finishing is great, with a supportive headrest for your pet.


  • Doesn’t have protective stands to seat the bed for bare floors.
5. Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed

An orthopedic memory form to provide your dog with comfort. The dog bed also features a waterproof liner and a breathable 35% cotton to enhance comfort.

The bed offers your pet comfort and cushion it against pressure on its joints and muscles. By choosing this product, you get premium components with better health-supportive aspects for your pet.

The bed has a smart design with a great base and bolsters for optimum support and security. It gives your dog peace of mind as it rests on it through the certified skin contact safe. Whether your dog is medium size, large or small, this is the ideal product you need.

You get added value through the exclusive coupon code for rover, and the product suits all life stages of the dog. Other accessories provided in the package are memory foam mattress, waterproof foam liner, removable & washable cover, and a poly-filled bolster cushion.


  • It will serve you right for any age of your pet.
  • The memory foam mattress provides an optimal cushion for your pet.
  • Its smart design provides good headrest for your pet.
  • It comes with great accessories enhancing user’s suitability.


  • Prone to scratching by the pet.
  • Doesn’t come with a support base.
6. Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

This bed is suitable for extra-large dog breeds such as the German shepherd or Great Dane. As a result, we recommend it as the best size dog bed for German shepherd to purchase for your pet.

On top of that, it has a three-inch layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam fill, which eliminates pressure points. When traveling, this bed is portable due to lightweight.

Its soft micro suede cover is removable for better washing; the washing is including machine wash. Other features include its softness and a supportive consistency that conforms to weight and pressure for achy joints, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. Get it and give your pet both support and comfort.


  • The large measurement allows it to host up to extra-large dogs.
  • Provide great support for achy joints, arthritis, and hip dyspepsia for your pet.
  • Highly portable due to lightweight.
  • The breath ability of the bed is good, ensuring your pet has a smooth time when resting on it.
  • You can machine wash the cover with minimal wear and tear.


  • Lack of a stand makes it prone to dirt through floor dust.
  • Doesn’t have a headrest.
7. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

This dog bed is one of the best dog beds for German shepherds you can find on the market. The bed has a water-resistant liner, and the human grade mattress has proved durable by lasting you for long.

The bed has a thick mattress that provides your pet with great head, hip, and bone support through the supportive features in the make. The rate of comfort is 100% guaranteed from great cushioning and soft-touch cuddling for your pet. When it comes to cleaning, this product is easy to clean.


  • The thickness and soft touch of the mattress give your good pet cuddling.
  • You can keep the bed clean at all times.
  • Provide extra care and comfort for your pet.
  • Being waterproof makes the liner durable.
  • The headrest and hip support feature boost the comfort of your pet.


  • Require time to time cleaning when your pet is playful and exposes it to dirt.
8. Coolaroo Deluxe Dog Bed

Coolaroo Deluxe Dog Bed

The breathable fabric for this bed makes its great choice for your pet, whether you are considering an indoor or outdoor rest for your pet.

It has a deluxe design for better comfort. It is UV treated, which means it can resist fading while your pet is resting in the sun with its synthetic fabric resisting molding and mildew.

You simply set up your Coolaroo deluxe pet bed when your pet needs a rest through the sturdy powder-coated steel frame. This makes the bed all times rest companion. This bed is supportive for all sizes of dogs, including extra-large. Your pet will enjoy cuddling on this bed, and the comfort is top-notch


  • The stand enhances resting comfort.
  • This product is suitable for an indoor and outdoor setting.
  • The bed has a strong material for durability
  • Has a breathable fabric.
  • The UV treatment resists fading from the sun


  • Great bed but it stretches too much
9. Armarkat Pet Bed Mat

Armarkat Pet Bed Mat

Are you sourcing for a great pet bed to provide your German shepherd dog with comfort during rest?

Armarkat Pet Bed Mat, Ivory offers you just that. The size is extra-large, thus support dogs of all sizes and ages. You will notice that the fabric material used provides great cushion and cuddling for your pet with great buoyancy and smooth touch.

It is a waterproof lining that protects the inner fabric is well zipped. You can, however, open the zip and remove the cover when the time to clean comes. The base of the canvas is skid-free, allowing your pet to cuddle without movement of the bed. The pet enjoys minimum pressure on the hip, joints, muscles, and enjoy great headrest with this bed.


  • The bed has a skid-free base for the smooth cuddling of your pet.
  • You can easily remove the zipped lining for better cleaning.
  • Its size makes it conducive for all sizes and ages.
  • Portability is high, with the bed having lightweight.
  • The canvas has a fine finish.


  • Lack of a supportive stand leads to wear of the base due to force during cuddling by the pet.
  • The top is prone to dirt spots.
10. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed  – Deluxe Therapeutic Traditional Mat Rectangular Step-On Foam Mattress Pet Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed – Deluxe Therapeutic Traditional Mat Rectangular Step-On Foam Mattress Pet Bed

This product is the best choice for any individual who fancy a traditional design with a modern touch. It has gusseted sides that give height to cushion, thus delivering cozy high loft comfort for your pet.

The plush curly faux fur fabric covers the open sleep surface and is gentle on noses, paws, hips, muscles, and joints. Its suede wraps around the sides provide a classy look.

Its jumbo size is supportive of all sizes of dogs and ages. The color choices are multiple, ranging from cream, chocolate, and gray. You will be able to clean the bed easily manually or through a machine. Quality assurance is a top consideration when coming up with this bed. All these factors make this product a top choice for the Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds.


  • Has a gentle sleeping surface
  • Great dog bed that is easy on the joints
  • The bed is easy to clean
  • Available in different colors


  • Not ideal if the pet has excessive teething habit

How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for a German shepherd

There are many ways you can improve the comfort of large and elderly dogs. One of them is providing them with a comfortable bed. To help you select the right dog bed for German shepherd, go through the following tips.

Canvas Cover

The choice of bed you pick should provide you with a waterproof cover that keeps the inner fabric from wetting. Such fabric is very delicate, and failure to safeguard it reduces its lifespan. If uncertain, consult from your retailer whether the cover is waterproof. The texture of the cover needs to be smooth to provide your pet comfort when resting. It would be great if such cover is removable through a zip to allow easy cleaning. Again, the cover needs to be machine washable to enable you to get rid of dirt stains brought by your pet.


One of the reasons you need a pet bed is to provide your pet with a resting place with a better cushion against its muscles and joints. The bed you secure, therefore, needs to have a great cushioning ability and exert minimal pressure on your pet. This is especially when your pet is experiencing challenges such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. The mattress should be of good density for better cushioning.  The inclusion of a headrest will provide better resting for your pet.


Go for a bed that you can easily move around with to give comfort to your pet whenever you are. At times your German shepherd may require to rest in the sun, thus calling for you to move the bed from inside to outdoor. A lightweight pet bed will thus be convenient for you. Furthermore, you can have this in your car when you need to carry your dog with you for a picnic or outdoor activity.


An extra-large size bed will be the perfect choice for you for several reasons. It will accommodate your pet with enough stretching space and a cuddling surface. Second, it will allow you to host dogs of different sizes and ages without changing the bed type. A good space also allows for better resting of the pet, especially when it is experiencing some muscle strains, such a space will play a significant role in the healing.

Warranty and Accessories

Quality assurance is very crucial, thus the need to have a bed with a warranty and accessories. This gives you access to repairs in case there is any shortcoming with your bed in any components within the time frame provided in the warranty. Accessories allow you to carry out such repairs yourself by replacing the worn out or damaged part of your pet bed.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do German shepherds like dog beds?

Your guess is as good as ours! German shepherd dogs fancy dog beds to a large extent.Your guess is as good as ours! German shepherd dogs fancy dog beds to a large extent.

What size dog bed should I get for a German shepherd?

An extra-large size bed is a perfect choice since it allows you to accommodate dogs of all ages and sizes.

Where should my German shepherd sleep?

German shepherds are safe sleeping inside under a comforting environment though at times they like spending the night outside.

Do German shepherds need blankets?

the answer here is a big yes, and you should keep plenty of blankets at hand for your German shepherds during the winter season.

Why should you not get a German shepherd?

Well, if you are the type of person who does not like giving to much care to pets, then German shepherds are not your choice of pet. They call for special care, especially the puppies. Again, these dogs are vicious and won’t get along with other pets in your neighborhood.

Can I leave my German Shepherd Home Alone?

The age of the dog highly determines this. A grown-up German shepherd will stay at home alone for up to 6 hours. A small puppy can stay for up to 2 hours due to the lower bowel capacity and the need for special attention.

Final Words

German shepherd dogs are, by all means, a special category of pets, and as such, you need a huge investment to maintain these pets. They require your time and care to ensure they remain healthy and viable pets. This explains why you ought to secure them special utilities like the pet beds and blankets. Make sure to check your type of bed before purchase to ensure it serves you long enough and serve its purpose. We have covered the best dog bed for German shepherd that you can consider buying this year.

Top considerations for any pet bed should be smooth cushioning and cuddling capability. The lining of such beds should be waterproof to extend the lifespan of the inner fillings. One must be able to clean any of the cover linings since the dogs keep soiling the beds, presenting a cleaning challenge. The dog beds above are great and will be great to cushion your German shepherd against pressure, especially those with hip, joints, and arthritis and muscle issues. 

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