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5 Products to Improve Elderly Dog Comfort

We all get to the point where a loving pet starts getting elderly and uncomfortable. Whether they have arthritis, bad eyesight, or sore muscles it is always sad to watch your cherished friend grow old. Luckily there are plenty of products out there to help improve your elderly dog’s everyday comfort. These excellent pet products will lead your dog into a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.

Vet Wraps

Sometimes walks or play can be a little too much for your dog’s ageing bones. If your pet gets a sore muscle or a limp you can apply vet wrap before taking them to the vet. Tightly wrapping their leg can apply pressure and help ease any pain due to arthritis or just old bones. If you have a long drive to the vet or can’t make it then vet wraps can be a life saver. Your dog will greatly appreciate the care and older dogs will be able to rest easy and not hurt themselves further.

Booties or Toe Grips

Old dogs have decreased muscle and joint discomfort which often makes standing up or walking on wood floors near impossible without slipping. This is scary and can lead to injury. Simple booties or grips for your dog’s toenails will help them get up and around the house without any slipping or sliding. There are tons of options to choose from so you can try different things according to your dog’s needs. If your elderly dog is able to walk fine but suffers from slipping or sliding on slick floors such as hardwood or time, these can help them gain traction on otherwise hazardous surfaces.

Stairs or Ramps

dog steps for high bed

Jumping is never easy for an older dog and depending on the height it can be impossible without causing injury. Buying stairs or ramps for your dog to get up on the couch or bed and into or out of the car can be a life changer. Senior dogs will love having the ability to still reach their favorite spots in the house without hurting themselves. If your dog is large it can also save your back from having to lift them. Ramps can vary is size and may be difficult to install depending on the compatibility of your home, but their effectiveness cannot be contested when helping older dogs get around the house and onto different floors.

Orthopedic Beds

orthopedic dog beds for large dogs

Old bones often get cricks and sore joints. Sleeping on an old mattress can make these problems worse. Investing in a nice place for your elderly dog to sleep will make them much more comfortable during the night and the day. Orthopedic beds come in many forms and help ease the pressure on your old dogs joints, while also making sure that your furry friend is comfortable overnight and if they happen to take any naps during the day. These orthopedic beds are the best place for elderly dogs to sleep or just relax.

Harnesses and Slings

Some older dogs have trouble walking or getting up on their own. You can find many slings that support your dog’s hips and make it easier for you to help them get around. There are different supports for all kinds of dogs so you can find just the thing for you and your elderly pet. With the right harness or sling, your elderly pet can be up and about just like it was when it was younger, going on walks, moving around the house, and even playing in the yard all because of these handy tools.

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