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Why Does My Dog Sniff My Eyes: 11 Possible Causes

Dogs are curious animals by nature. They love to explore and investigate their surroundings, giving them a unique perspective that humans cannot understand. They also have their understanding of the world.

But why does my dog sniff my eyes or wipe out around me? There are a few causes. The dog is looking for a particular odor when sniffing at someone’s eyes. And today, I will offer some insight into what’s going on with our little friends. Keep continuing to know more!

Why Does My Dog Sniff My Eyes?

Dogs sniffing at your eyes is essential to their overall health care. It can help them detect some eye diseases before they become serious.

Here are the reasons:

They’re affectionate 

Dogs are one of the most affectionate and loving creatures on the planet. Because of this, it is easy to think that they don’t have any hidden secrets. Like humans, they can have mood swings, feel low and not be able to express their feelings. 

Sometimes it is best not to ask questions and let them speak for themselves. When a dog is happy, its face shows it in various ways, ranging from a silly grin to a baritone laugh.

Feel Excited

If a dog sniffs your eyes, it may be because they are excited to see you. They probably do not think about physical illness at that moment. Instead, they will be happy to see you and want to interact in any way you can. If you have your dog on the lead, then it is likely that the sniffing will begin right away. 

Seek someone’s Attention

Dogs are very affectionate creatures. If your dog is not getting the attention it needs, it may sniff your eyes as a way of getting your attention. Even if their response is not always positive, there will be a chance that something can be done about it.

If you deal with the cause or specific signs of the problem, you will soon notice that you are getting more attention.

Show greetings

Dogs cannot see their own feet, but they can see the bottom of your feet as you enter the room. They may also see your kneecaps which is why they can guess when your knees are bent. When they greet you, this is what they are thinking about, their owner’s knees and feet.

May not have a good reputation

If something is wrong with your dog’s eyes, it will show in how it looks at you and sniffs at them. Dogs are predators by nature. They are hunters by instinct and have a natural curiosity about them which can lead to many questions. 

Seeing another creature’s eyes is often the first thing that attracts their attention. So this means that sniffing at it can be their way of getting answers to all the questions that they want to ask you.

Have new smell

If there is a new smell in the house, then this can get your dog very excited.

When your dog smells something they have never smelled before, it will want to solve the problem by getting to know it better. If this new smell comes from your eyes, they will want to sniff at them thoroughly.

Some similar smells come from various skin disorders, which can be tricky to detect, but dogs can pick up on them quickly.

May observe you

Dogs have a very heightened sense of smell, and they can check out the smells they pick up on. When they feel that something is different, they will become curious, which could lead them to sniff your eyes.

When you are out at work, Fido may be bored, and this may lead him to want to sniff around your office. If you return home, Fido may want to sniff around the house, and then he will try for your eyes when you come through the door.

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Checking your health

If your dog is sniffing at your eyes, it is probably looking for signs about your health that cannot be seen. Dogs can look for corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, and lymphoid tumors. 

These diseases are complicated to detect without the usual sense of smell and sight. Dogs sniff at the eyes to pick up on the tiny clues that these diseases might give them so they can take action quickly.

Smells good

More often than not, dogs will try to smell pleasant smells. This is usually the case when they smell flowers or the perfumes their owners are wearing.

In some cases, dogs are given human medications that have an odor. They may sniff at their owner’s eyes to get to know them better.

Familiarizing your eye’s scent

Your dog may be sniffing at your eyes as a way of possible identification. When it smells the scent of its owner, it will want to see if this is the same scent it found in other parts of the house. Without sight, Fido relies on his touch and nose to find out how similar or different something smells.

Encouraging your behavior

Some owners think eye rubbing is a sign of affection from their puppy. So they will respond by rubbing them back.

Dog owners know that petting a dog in the right places can encourage good behavior, which may be the case with your dog. 

As soon as you have rubbed your eyes, you have given it a reward for its actions which means that it will try to sniff at them again.

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Final Words

There are some reasons Why does my dog sniff my eyes, and you must address the real problem. You can look out for several signs, and if you know what they are, you can take the necessary actions.

If there is nothing wrong with your eyes and your pet is just keeping them clean, then there is no need for your dog to have such a close look at them.

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