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Vet Clinics or Home Vet Visits: Which One Is the Better Option?

Nowadays, most people own a pet of some sort, and veterinarians are needed more than ever. Back in the day, you had no other option than to go to the nearest vet clinic, but today, vets cover much more ground and have mobile units ready to stop by at your home for a pet checkup. For example, you can easily find the closest mobile vet Santa Monica offers with some online search and have them come over if needed. 

This is like an ambulance but for pets, which is practical and very convenient. This service caters to various circumstances pet owners may find themselves in. But now that pet parents can choose whether to take their pet to the local clinic or have vets come over for a home visit, which option is a better option? Let’s find out, shall we?

Regular checkups

Every pet owner knows that regular pet checkups are of vital importance. Since pets can’t talk and tell us if they’re feeling ill, it’s up to us as pet owners to ensure that our pets are in excellent health. In other words, you must have a vet checkup on your pet to determine if everything is as it should be.

Not to mention that you must help prevent your pet from developing life-threatening illnesses by ensuring they are vaccinated on time. In that case, it’s better to go to the nearest vet clinic and get all the examinations and vaccinations done immediately. 

That said, vet clinics are better equipped for checkups, and your vet can go over blood work and other necessary analyses to determine if everything is okay with your pet. Mobile vets can do the same if required. However, while they can check up on your pet at your home, further diagnostics must be conducted at the clinic.


If you notice that something is not quite right with your pet, you must provide it with immediate care. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, you may not have the time to transport your pet to the local clinic. In that case, calling a mobile vet is your best option. 

Not only will they be able to stabilize your pet on the spot, but they have the equipment and the skillful staff that can help transport your pet to the clinic if need be. Therefore, a pet emergency is a situation where you can’t wait and ponder what to do. So calling the mobile vet is the best approach; it will give you peace of mind until they arrive. 

The fact of the matter is that some illnesses can come as quite a surprise for both pets and their owners. An all-of-a-sudden situation where your pet is in critical condition should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, today’s vets respond quickly to such emergencies and will rush over to try and save your pet.

Specific circumstances

There are many situations where pet owners cannot visit the local vet clinic. The conditions can vary from being too skittish of a pet to being unable to remove your pet from its unique environment and take it with you. An excellent example of that is pet lizards or snakes that require precise humidity and other specific conditions to thrive. 

So when scaly friends are ill, a home visit from a vet may be a better option. Moreover, most veterinarians today treat both pets and farm animals. Of course, you may be able to bring a goat to the clinic, but a horse or a cow is an entirely different story. City clinics aren’t usually equipped to house farm animals, so it’s best to have the vet come visit you instead.

A traumatic experience

As mentioned before, many pet parents have overly skittish pets that go through a very traumatic experience when visiting a vet clinic. Sometimes you don’t have much of a choice but to take them to the vet. 

However, if it’s not an emergency, a home vet visit may be a less traumatic approach, especially from your pet’s point of view. And if your pet is used to having strangers or friends visit your home, they won’t feel threatened by the vet’s presence. 

They will, however, dislike being examined, but that’s better than the dreadful ride to the clinic. You’ve probably noticed that most pets manage to sense somehow where you’re taking them, and even if it’s their first time at the vet clinic, they will tremble in fear of those horrible people who do their best and make it their life’s mission to ensure that our pets feel better.