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Have A Pet? How To Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

Owning a pet can be one of the greatest joys in your life. The love they give is something you can never get over. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or gerbil, the fact that you take care of them develops so much love in their little minds that you might not be able even to fathom it. For you, they are a pet who will stay with you for about 15 years on average.

However, for them, they spend their entire lives with you; you are everything to them. In postmodern times, trends suggest that more couples are likely to adopt and raise pets than children. Young couples happily engage with their pets but are apprehensive about the commitment which raising a child entails.

However, raising a pet does bring a fair share of challenges. Not only do you need to take responsibility for their health, but you need to make sure that your house is clean. After all, they are animals; they can’t clean up after themselves. Here are a few things to consider when keeping your home neat and tidy when you have pets.

Invest in a suitable litter 

Finding the best cat litter box for odor control is essential for owning a cat. To get rid of the smell, you need to cut it off at the source, which is, of course, the litter box itself.

Buy a lint roller

We cannot put into words how irritating it can be when you pull out your favorite black sweater, only to realize it has turned a shade of grey because of the amount of cat fur on it. These felines have no personal space; therefore, they will sit just about anywhere they feel like it. As we know, wherever they sit, they are likely to leave a mini fur rug behind.

Whether it’s your couch or your clothes, you need to get that fur off. Not because it’s unhygienic, but it can also cause severe breathing problems, irrespective of whether you are allergic or not. 

A lint roller will stick to the fur and take it off of the surface. A roller can be a game-changer when you are looking to go out for a fancy dinner, but cuddles have sat on your favorite sweater. Just roll it around, and voila! No more fur!

Paws must be clean

Our little friends often go out of the house and come back with dirty feet. Their paws could bring in all kinds of sand and dirt, affecting the house’s cleanliness. Since we can’t scold them the way a parent would scold a child, we need to help them out and make sure they don’t mess the place up. 

After they come home from their adventure outside, consider taking a minute to clean their paws before they go into the house. Wet washcloths or baby wipes will do the trick just fine. The other option is putting a rug in front of the door to walk over when entering the house. Hopefully, this will help clean their paws and keep your house spick and span.

Brush your pets regularly

Brushing your pets is a great way to develop a bond with them and ensure that they don’t shed too much fur. If you frequently brush them once or twice a week, the amount of fluff in the house will significantly reduce. Brushing works well if you have cats and dogs with a long fur coat. 

With dogs, their coat can be home to a lot of dust. Therefore, brushing them once in a while can significantly reduce the amount of excess fur in the house and dirt.

Don’t wait for accidents

If your pet messes up on the floors or carpet, don’t waste a minute before cleaning it up. It would be best if you got down to that as soon as possible to make sure that the smell doesn’t linger in the air. If the smell stays in the air, it can take a while to get out. Moreover, the longer you wait, the more it will seep into the floor or carpet.

FYI baking soda and vinegar do a great job of getting rid of the smell as long as you don’t want too long to clean things up.


We have talked about some of the best ways to keep your house neat and tidy when you have a pet. It’s important to understand that these animals don’t mean to create a mess; they can’t help it. Owners often get upset and angry at their pets after they mess up, but that’s not going to change anything. 

Training is essential when you have a pet at home. Additionally, preemptive measures and quick response add up and help keep your house as clean as possible.

Consider some of the things we have mentioned in this article. They could make a significant difference to your home when combined.

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