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How to Quickly Clean Your Dogs Fur After a Walk

Walking your dog is a routine experience that is usually funny and exciting. However, the interest of the pet owner disappears right the moment the animal comes back from the walk and enters the house. What should you do with its dirty paws and muddy fur? Cleaning is unavoidable!

If your fluffy friend relishes playing in dirty puddles, sniffing things, and walking in the bushes, there is no way you let it come inside the house without being cleaned.

However, even though it seems quite easy, the process is demanding, requiring much of your time, knowledge, and desires. 

At the same time, there is no need to bathe your dog in the tub after every single walk. Instead, you can take advantage of alternative cleaning methods that seem simpler and faster.

Top 3 Most Effective Ways to Keep the Dog’s Fur Clean

Are you ready to deal with the outcomes of your exciting morning walks with the dog? Make sure you have all the necessary items that may speed the process and draw you closer to the desired effect. 

It is indispensable to remember that choosing pet shampoo is as responsible as looking for the best canned puppy food. In both cases, the pet owner should focus on the natural components, maximum safety of the animal, the efficiency of the product, and its convenience.

Browsing the Internet, you will come across an unlimited number of comments and reviews of experienced pet parents about the effective products and methods of dog fur cleaning. Learn information about the fastest and simplest ones that may be beneficial in different circumstances.

Dry cleaning method: This is, probably, one of the favorite techniques dog owners use. You do not have to bathe your pet in the tub or spend much time cleaning it. With a bit of effort and some equipment, you will have an opportunity to succeed fast. 

Are you ready to start? Make sure you have a rubber mat, special pet wipes, spray, and towel. The whole process will not take more than 10 minutes, while its result will be exceptionally impressive. So, first of all, you need to lay the rubber mat and invite your dog inside. 

It will help you avoid excessive mud on the floor. Using the towel, get rid of the moisture of the dog’s fur. Great news: the first stage is over so that you can proceed to the next step. Remove debris and dirt from your dog by hand and brush the pet carefully. 

Get rid of the dirt with the help of wet wipes. It is inevitable to start with the sensitive areas, including the face and mouth, moving on to the belly and up to the back end. 

If the dog looks clean but smells bad, you may proceed to the last stage, spraying it with the water-vinegar mixture that will block the unpleasant flavor. Dry clean the furry friend and be ready to repeat the process after the next walk.

Wet bath cleaning: If your pet seems too dirty for quick dry cleaning, it is the right time to invite it to your bathroom. If you own a small dog, you can carry it to the bathtub, but if your dog is huge, you need to clean its paws first. When you have wiped off the mud, you may start bathing your fluffy friend. 

Placing a rubber mat on the bottom of the tub will help the canine feel more comfortable and calmer. Bathe the dog wet, apply special shampoo, and rub it gently. It is necessary to mention that bathing will not only help you keep your pet clean but will also speed shedding. 

Rinse the dog with warm water, dry it with a towel and let it relax for a moment. Take a blow dryer and finish the process.

Quick dog cleaning with a hose: If you are back from an active walk somewhere in the woods and your dog looks like a mess, you risk getting your house the same way. Fortunately, during the warm summer months, you can wash your pet outside using the hose. 

Although the process is similar to traditional bathing, it does not leave much dirt in the house. It is a perfect option for hot days when your pet can get dry fast in the sun. However, it is still important to dry the dog in order to avoid possible downsides.

Fast Dog’s Fur and Paws Cleaning: Quick Tips

It may be unhealthy to bathe the pet more than once or twice a week, so you need to discover alternative ways to keep it clean and tidy. Here are several recommendations that may help you achieve the desired effect.

  • Use warm water to clean the dog’s paws.
  • Special canine wipes may help you eliminate the fur dirt fast.
  • Avoid excessive moisture with a dry towel.
  • A water-vinegar mixture is the best solution for sticky pets.
  • Brush the dog’s fur carefully and regularly.

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