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Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies : Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Can dogs eat fortune cookies? Dogs can eat fortune cookies. The fact that dogs can eat fortune cookies doesn’t make fortune cookies suitable dog food. Fortune cookies are made using different ingredients. Similar to snacks, fortune cookies are sweet.

Some ingredients may not favor your dog’s stomach, so your dog will develop stomach upsets. I will give you more details on fortune cookies, their ingredients, and whether they are healthy for your dog.

What Are Fortune Cookies Made of?

The core elements of fortune cookies are flour, water, eggs, sesame seed oil, and sugar, followed by flavoring and fats. The most used flavor in fortune cookies is vanilla. Different manufacturers may add additional ingredients to the cookies, but the core elements never change. There is always a strip of paper inside the fortune cookies to know your fortune.

What Are Fortune Cookies Made of

These ingredients are all mixed at once to make one mixture, then bake it. Fortune cookies have a piece of paper inside, which is the fortune. The mixture is put in the oven. After heating in the oven, they are easy and soft to mold. During the molding process, you insert the fortune paper inside the cookies.

You then fold the cookies into Crescent shapes. After folding, you will give the cookies time to dry and harden up with the fortune paper still inside them.

Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies?

Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are not bad for your dog’s consumption, but they are not healthy either. This depends on the number of cookies your dog takes. If your dog has chowed one or two cookies, there is no need for an alarm. The main ingredients of fortune cookies are sugar, flour, vanilla and sesame oil.

None of these ingredients has been confirmed to be harmful to a dog’s health. In addition, none of the ingredients is confirmed to be beneficial to a dog’s health. Fortune cookies are essentially empty calories.

Most dogs will be fine from eating one or two cookies, but anything more than that may not sit well with the dog. Most likely, for dogs with sensitive stomachs, the ingredients used during the making of the cookies will cause temporary stomach upsets. Different cookies will have different additional ingredients.

As a dog owner, it is not easy to know which cookie has which ingredient and which one is safe for the dog. It will be safer to avoid giving your dog any cookie you come across. You can choose to have a specific manufacturer or avoid giving your dog fortune cookies at all.

Fortune cookies are not suitable dog food, although they are not toxic to dogs. The safety of fortune cookies to your dog is by chance; they may be safe or may not be. A statement used to describe the safety level of fortune cookies is they may be safe but not healthy.

Some ingredients used in making fortune cookies are not fit for canine consumption. Fortune cookies are sweet like any other snack. This means your dog will like them. To avoid your dog from getting ill, you should limit how much of the cookies your dog will take.

How Many Fortune Cookies Can Your Dog Eat?

We have already seen too much consumption of fortune cookies is unhealthy for your dog. This means the number of cookies your dog takes should be limited. To be safe, a dog should not take more than two fortune cookies.

Maybe there is a time your dog took more than two fortune cookies, and it did not develop any health issues. This might be okay, but it is a risk. It also depends on how much your dog’s stomach is sensitive to certain foods. The general number of fortune cookies a dog should take is one or a maximum of two.

There is a limit to the cookies because the more the cookies, the more the ingredients accumulate in your dog’s body. You might find different ingredients are good for your dog’s health, but they have a limit.

Potential Health Issues

Consuming fortune cookies may cause several health issues. The following are the potential health risks for your dog.

Sugar is a core element of fortune cookies and is usually large amount. Dog’s stomachs cannot digest sugar like us humans. The undigested sugar will then cause stomach inflammations and diarrhea. With an inflamed stomach, the dog will lose its appetite. Feeding dogs too much sugar will certainly put them at risk of diabetes.

The vanilla extract used to make fortune cookies is 35% alcohol, and it is a core ingredient in fortune cookies. Alcohol is toxic to dogs, but luckily, the vanilla extract used in fortune cookies is too little to harm.

If a dog consumes many vanilla-flavored fortune cookies, the health issue will come in. The dog will suffer alcohol poisoning. The dog’s size also matters here; the smaller the dog, the bigger the risk.

Fortune cookies also contain salt, so the salt should be in small quantities. The quantity of salt used by many of the manufacturers is low. If a dog consumes many fortune cookies, it will suffer complications from the quantity of salt.


Although you cannot count fortune cookies as suitable dog food, dogs can still eat them. Fortune cookies have some health hazards, but they may also build your dog. To equalize the pros and cons of dogs eating fortune cookies, limit the number of fortune cookies your dog takes.

If you feel you may not be able to control your dog’s food, you can opt to make homemade cookies for your dog. This way, you will limit the ingredients in the cookies to a safe limit. Avoid too much sugar and limit the oils.

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