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Can Cats Eat Mandarin Oranges?

Can Cats Eat Mandarin Oranges

Sometimes, you eat oranges next to your cats, and they look at you in a manner suggesting that they would like to try some. You may feel like sharing your oranges or orange juice with them is the right thing to do. Many homeowners do not know if it is right to give cats oranges. … Read more

Can Cats Eat Cheetos? Is It Safe To Feed

Can Cats Eat Cheetos

Cats can eat Cheetos, although it’s not healthy for them. Cheetos are junk food that provides less nutrition. Cats are carnivores; hence they require to eat meat and can’t metabolize fully any non-meat food. Cheetos contain spices that attract cats. The sodium content in Cheetos is unhealthy to cats if taken in large amounts. It … Read more

Can Cats Eat Bologna?

Can Cats Eat Bologna

It’s known that bologna has an irresistible aroma and delicious taste, something that cats can easily notice because of their high sensitivity to smell. That’s why when you are seated somewhere enjoying your mouth-watering bologna sandwich, your furry friend will most likely make overtures to have a taste of the sandwich. Before you give a … Read more

How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away

how to feed cat wet food while away

Nothing gets better than having pets running around your household. I am a staunch pet lover, and specifically, I am into cats. I enjoy having them around for a million reasons. Starting from their playful habit, intelligence, hygiene, and cats are generally cute. Despite all that, just like any other pets, having cats demand a … Read more